Thursday, February 21, 2013

Curls Gone Wild is COMING!!

Do you have the natural hair blues? 
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Do you sit around on Youtube wishing your hair was like this?
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Or even THIS?
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Then Return of the Curls: Curls Gone Wild is the Expo for you! Upon your arrival, you will receive a free bag full of hair goodies, some full sized, some samples as well as access to dozens of vendors of all types, hair care information and on-hand sources to all the questions you may have! 
Yep! You read correctly! 
Last Year we Tamed the Beast, this year, our Curls have Gone WILD!

For those of you whom enjoyed Return of the Curls last July in RVA so much, we have news for you!
Return of the Curls: Curls Gone Wild is going on TOUR!

The first show will be taking place on May 4th beginning at 10am at the Cultural Center of India, with the Curls Gone Wild Hair Show taking place from 5-7pm and May 5th from 12-5pm in Richmond, Va. More surprises for the RVA show coming SOON!
The next show on the tour is going to be at the Clarion Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina on July 20 from 10-5pm with special guest, CURLY NIKKI! Bet you guys weren't expecting THAT ONE!
Don't see your city? Don't panic quite yet, the tour is YET expanding!!!!

Models from Return of the Curls 2012

Model Jasmine and Alex of Return of the Curls 2012

If you would like to purchase a ticket to anyone of these shows please follow the link below!

Greensboro Tickets:

Virginia Tickets:

As always, 
Stay Classy!

Notorious Styles with other members of the Hair Show team at Return of the Curls 2012


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