Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Fashion Recap… By TaiJah Re'Nai

Well, it's finally 2013 can you believe that?! I took a look back though my photographs to see how my style evolved throughout the year of 2012. I decided to pick out my top favorite outfits of '12 and show you a glimpse into the infamous fashion life style of TaiJah Re'Nai. Throughout the glimpse down outfits of 2012 memory lane I will tell you where the pieces came from and what I loved about each outfit. I narrowed it down to these few pictures, I didnt want to bore you all. So, I will not have to ask you to bare with me (lol).


Shoes; Aldo. Bag; H&M Dress& belt; this boutique I stopped at in Cali
(forgot the name)

What I loved the most about this outfit was how simple yet chic it was. I was able to wear a nice length flowing dress but still remain comfortable at the same time. I threw on a belt to bring out a nice even shape to my body. Then I topped this outfit with a pair of big earrings and wedges. And LADIES big earrings will set off any outfit when you do not want to wear a necklace. And when you do not want to stomp around in your "6 inch walkers" then wedges are perfect for any occasion(well almost).

High-waist Leggings; American Apparel Belt & top; 
H&M Shoes; Steve Madden Clutch; Dillards

ALL I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS….. a banging outfit! I wore this little get-up to my 20th birthday dinner. What I loved about this outfit was how it gave me this old-school disco flare mixed with a little rockstar as well. The black belt with silver studs paired with huge silver dangling earrings and small clutch really set the outfit off.

My famous Marley bun(4.99 a pack at any local hair store)
Blazer & dress(the top) XX1 Skirt; Charlotte Ruse Bag; H&m

When I paired this outfit together I was going for a chill everyday ready to wear look. I loved all of the pattern mixes i did with this one. Now, if you know anything about me you know that I HATE matching! I feel like you should always step out of the box & thats exactly what I did with this outfit. It reminded me of a very urban Harlem street wear look.

Shirt, shorts and belt; THRIFTED Shoes; Ross Necklace XX1

This was by far one of my favorite thrift pick ups and pair ups. It gave me a late 80s early 90s Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable) type of flava! I love when I can take it back in the day with my attire. The late 80s and 90s is definitely two of the many decades that inspire my style.

Army jacket; thrift Shorts; DIY levis Shirt H&M
Necklace; XX1 Shoes; Burlington

If I were a boyyyyy… This outfit brings tomboy to girly girl all together. What's so great about this outfit is it allows you be versatile. My favorite piece out of the whole outfit has to be the wedge sneakers! As most of you know wedge sneakers were very popular this year. I wanted them as soon as I saw them on KING B's feet my gawd!

Jacket & skirt; XX1 Stockings; beauty supply store
Shoes; Steve Madden 

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! My style is very infamous for having blackouts ! Black is the color of  the fall and winter months to me and I will sport it forever! The skirt in this picture has got to be one of the best pick ups that I got in 2012. It can go from waist high to high waisted. The pleats and pleather just make me fall in love with it even more! You can never go wrong with black:) 

Shirt and pants;  XX1 Blazer; gift Shoes; Strawberry
necklace & earrings Charlotte ruse

Please excuse me as I walk on by… This outfit gave me a tweeked army style meets fashion look. Combat boots are the most mazing everyday shoes sent down to us from the shoe gods! I loveddd these very cute high waist pants that had the deep pockets that I LIVE for. And the fact that you can never go wrong with a red blazer is what makes me like this outfit. Shows how simple you can keep it.

Jacket and dress(shirt); XX1 Leggings; American Apparel 
Shoes; Jordan11's Necklace; I can not recollect

I just want a girly, girl who own a rack of jordans but dont sport 'em cause she love her pumps… This outfit was one of my favorites!! Because, I showed how you can still keep it grown and classy but still throw on a pair of sneakers. This outfit could have easily been taken from day ton night out on the town as well. If I would have thrown on the spiked JC Litas or a fierce wedged heel.

Pants, shirt and blazer thrifted Shoes; Ross Necklace; XX1

This was one of my favorite outfits of 2012 summer! The floral pants and teal blazer was a perfect match together. The blazer added color to my outfit. But my favorite part of the whole outfit is my hair! Yes, hair! That chunky twistout was to die for !!!!!

Shirt & skirt; Sears Shoes; Kohls Bag; Bestsey Johnson

This classy look consisted of the Kardashian collection from sears. I was very impressed with the prices when i picked up this outfit! Now, the collection is still pricy but when its a sale. OHHH, it a sale! I love how neutral the colors were in the outfit. But when you want to stand out have the right pieces! I loved how my cheetah arm bag and big gold earrings brought this what could have been plain outfit alive.

Pants; rumors Shoes; go Top; Charlotte Ruse

I SLAY THE SCENES! This was a very simple yet stylish outfit I pieced together. I loved the fact that high waist jeans covers up my gut! I was able to wear a crop top easily and still feel confident in my appearance at the same time. The leopard wedge just added the umphh.

Daishiki; African tribal store in the 757
Leggings; Charlotte Ruse Shoes; Aldo Bangles; Ashley Stewart

THE GIRL WITH THE FRO…. Now hands down this tops all of my 2012 outfits! I love my daishiki and I feel everyone should have at least 1 in their closet. I dressed it up and worked it. Black is truly beautiful. 

Jacket; XX1 Dress; Sears Stockings; Target
Shoes; Steve Madden

I dont have time I have to pick my fro.. URBAN CHIC at its finest. I love the aztec pattern of the dress. It really stands out and the yellow was very vibrant and pretty. I love being able to give that edgy vibe with my black added into my attire.

Top; Charlotte Ruse Pants; Walmart Shoes; Rugged wear house
Clutch; Steve Madden Necklace; XX1

 On the first day of Christmas my baby gave to me… This was taken on christmas day. I love the cheetah print pants and the clutch! I felt they botch made the outfit pop tremendously but in a subtle way. My favorite piece in the whole outfit had to be my ready to wear turban! i picked it up from ruby red. But they sell them in almost every hair store. This added a clean finish to my look.

I hope you all enjoyed my Fashion of 2012! I can not wait to see what my attire will look like this year of 2013. May the forces of the Fashion Gods be with you all!!!

& as always remember to keep it natural, classy and stylish beautiful people mwuah! 

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