Thursday, March 29, 2012

To Serve and Protect by Kelli Neche

For all of my beautiful Natural women out there, Summer is vastly approaching and much like winter, this is one of the hardest seasons for our hair! The heat can be very damaging and make the hair dry and brittle. HAVE NO FEAR! Here are a few protective styles that can get you through the next few fuming months!

1. Sew-Ins

Sew-ins can be very helpful for natural hair and if you find a great "weave-ologist" no one will know that your kinks are hibernating. STAY AWAY from glued in weave!!!!!!! It is NEVER good for your hair.

2. Braids

Often times, we as Natural Women find ourselves in fear of braids to avoid looking too "ethnic" for corporate America or any professional setting. I fell in love with yarn braids the first time I saw them. Could it be due to my infatuation with dreads, since they do look very similar? Yes...yes it could.

3. Flat Twists

Flat Twists can be very classy and conservative if styled as such, they normally last  for about a week and if you decide to untwist them, the result is a beautiful head full of defined curls!

Try them. Share them. Love them.
Stay Classy!


If you are like me, I tried the weave and liked it for a while, but when I moved to Virigina I went natural with my hair. I had cut all my hair off and start over completely. I cried so hard when I saw my hair fall to the floor and what made it worse, my sister said I look like a boy lol. But when we moved, no one knew who I was and I didnt have to worry what others thought of my hair. Going natural (even though i was born with naturally curly hair) was the best thing that happened to me. I finally let my hair grow and be itself. Half the time I don't care what others think of my hair because it is MINE. I see now alot of celebrites are going natural and not just with their hair but with their make-up and eye brows. Most celebs have the kinky curly look but with the bushy eye brows and natural-looking make up. I feel when ladies go natural they are at their prettiest. Yes it is fun to dress up and put on foundation, curl your hair, wear bold lipstick and have fierce eye shadow on. But have you ever saw yourself just relax with a pair of sweats, no make-up, no weave and just act like yourself. I know I have plenty of times and my friends accept that part of me. Here are some people who I think are just so beautiful with their natural hair.

     In the past year, Janelle Monae’s signature style
 the expertly sculpted pompadour
 has become a favorite among natural girls.

From "The Cosby show" to "Thats so Raven"
She always kept her hair on point on set and
of the set.

Whether she’s sporting an afro wig
, braids, or this natural textured extensions,
 Erykah Badu has long been a natural hair maven.

Jill Scott always rocked the kinky afro look
when she first came out.
She is not afraid to show off her new look
and her new sexy figure.

   Tracee ellis Ross is so beautiful and of course her hair
Every one know who she is from "Girlfriends" and
even though I didn't always agree with her outfits
I know for sure her hair was always fascinating

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fashion Star Episode Three! by Kelli Neche

The show opened this week with swimwear by host, Elle McPhearson accompanied by LMFAO and Quest Crew's performance of Party Rock. The challenge for this week was to design with predictions for the upcoming summer season. I must say, as much as I enjoy this show, I do not like how they cut certain designers runway time short to fit into the time block rather than cutting unnecessary chit-chat about things that aren't beneficial to the viewer.
Mentors: Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos
Orly Shani: sheath dress in neon colors ==> John felt she got on track despite her being home sick, Jessica wants to make an order on all three colors. ==> 120K offer from Saks Fifth Ave (available online now and in stores tomorrow 3-28)
Barbara Bates: shirt dress ==> Nicole loved it and thought it was amazing. Would be shocked  if she didn't receive a sale. ==> No Offers, up for elimination.
Ronnie Escalante: asymmetrical draped dress ==> Nicole loved the color combination but wanted less fabric ==> No offers, up for elimination.
Nikki Poulos: palazzo jumpsuit ==> John felt it needed to be executed better ==> 50K offer from Macy's (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Sarah Parrott: wrap maxi dress ==> John gave her credit for stepping out of the box but didn't love the prints. Jessica loved them ==> 50K offer for H&M (available online now and in stores 3-28)
Nzirmio Oputa: European cut shorts ==>Jessica felt like it was a Hanson party in the pants, loved them ==> 50K offer from H&M (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Ross Bennett: pleated print shorts ==> took judges advice about jumping out of his heavy fabrics and gained a 120K offer from Macy's (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Kara Laricks: tuxedo pants ==> John felt she interpreted the pants well into a female concept ==> 50K offer from Saks Fifth Ave (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Edmond Newton: maxi dress ==> Nicole loved the fabric choice and loves maxi dresses ==> No offers, up for elimination
Lizzie Parker: zipped pocket dress ==> Nicole liked that she came out of her shell but didn't love the dress. ==> No offers; up for elimination.
Luciana Scarabello: No offers, up for elimination
Lisa Vian Hunter: No offers, up for elimination

Mentors chose to save Edmond Newton from elimination.
Buyers sent Lizzie home this week.
Why she stayed after last week's butterfly shirt, is beyond my mental comprehension.

Notoriously Scandalous by Kelli Neche

The limelight is shining on some of our favorite African-American actors in leading rolls on prime-time television.
(Photo Source:

We all fell in love with this actress during her portrayal of Chicago teenager Chenille in Save the Last Dance opposite Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas in 2001. Coming April 5th to ABC, Kerry Washington will be the first African-American to have a leading roll on the network. She is to play Olivia Pope, a Washington, D.C. PR consultant who specializes in making scandals disappear. Scandals that measure as high as the President to Hollywood socialites. We would have all loved to have her in our corner in high school. The show is partially based on George H. W. Bush's administrative press aide, Judy Smith. Check your local listings for premiere times!

(Photo Source:

Also, coming to NBC very soon will be a drama starring Meagan Good (Waist Deep, Stomp the Yard) and Laz Alonso (Avatar, Fast and Furious) by the name of Notorious. The show will have Good as detective Joanna Loscato, going undercover to the Lawson family's troubled and wealthy home to unveil the murderer of celebuante Vivian Lawson, who was once Loscato's close friend. Laz will play NYPD detective Will Sacovitch, Loscato's former lover, that recruits her to go undercover to obtain evidence. This is the first pilot that has had two African-American leads on NBC. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS!

I say. we're moving on up!

Need a Refill of Elle Varner? by Kelli Neche

As if we weren't enjoying new comer, Elle Varner enough, she hit us with a video for the full version of  snippet from her Conversational Lush mixtape, Refill. The video, just like the full song, makes you want to hear it and watch it over and over and over again! I am so in love with her as an artist and super excited to see where she is in about six months.
The video link is below, and yes, you can get a refill.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This week's NOTORIOUS STYLE challenge winner is none other than Ms. LaChandra "Shani" Nix!
 Aztec print crew neck sweatshirt PacSun $15
> Skirt Forever 21 $15.80
> Cheetah print flats Macy's $45
> Necklace Franscesca's Collection $20

Shani's NOTORIOUS style has landed her in this week's winning slot!
Will it be you next week????
Send all of your photos of your most NOTORIOUS outfits, where you purchased them, your name and where you're from to! Subject line should be: PHOTO CONTEST!
Stay Classy!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Trends that repeat themselves. 1960's look to now? From Chynesha

If you are a fashionista then you already know that in today's society, trends repeat themselves and designer bring back the styles from the 1950's to 1990's with a little twist. It can be a jumpsuit with a low v neck, or the cat eye glasses with bold and sexy red lips. Fashion is in every decade and no matter what century it is, these trends will never go away. So why hide it?? Take the risk and go bold and beautiful with the 1960's look or the 1970's look. Show us your Notorious Style by challenging yourself to a 10 year or older decade and make it your own. Here is a website where you can always be updated to the latest fashion trends Tell us, should designers keep the old fashion trends away or should they continue to reoccur? Comment, send pictures, and speak your mind we as NOTORIOUS beauties will love to hear your opinion. But remember if you don't set the trend or change it, how can you be Notorious? Stay classy and beautiful.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Star: Week Two by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star, the designers were asked to design with the customer in mind and riding their back like a bad Christmas sweater. Naturally, some excelled and others found themselves without offers from the buyers. Just a reminder on how this show works, the designers are given challenges each week and have to create three pieces that will be showcased to a board of mentors including Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos with host Elle Macpherson. Then the buyers from either H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue are given the floor to bid on the designer's collections that will be sold that night on the buyer's website worldwide and in stores the very next day. Whomever does not gain an offer will be up for elimination, the buyer will eliminate who they feel will not be able to complete an entire line for them to sell at their store after winning the final show, however, the judges are allowed to save one person a night.

  • Lisa Van Hunter: Trudy day dress ==> Jessica loved the dress, felt every sorority girl and her mom would want one. ==> 50K offer from Macy's (now available online, in stores 3-21)
  • Ronnie Escalante: blouse with back that unzipped allowing it to drape. ==> Nicole liked the concept but feels like he didn't quite cut it. ==> no offers, up for elimination.
  • Kara Laricks: draping tie dress ==> John thought she rocked it. ==> bids started at 50K with H&M, 80K with  Saks, they duked it out until Saks was at 110K (available online now and in Saks stores 3-21)
  • Ross Bennett: tailored bolero jacket ==> Nicole didn't think that the fabric was fit for spring ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Orly Shani: convertible maxi dress. ==> Jessica still loves a new and innovative two-for ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Oscar Fierro: cape dress ==>  Jessica didn't like the dress, John is disappointed after saving him last week and feels the dress is a bit hooch ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Luciana Scarabello: no offers, up for elimination
  • Edward Newton: no offers, up for elimination
  • Nikki Poulos: no offers, up for elimination
  • Nzimiro Oputa: pocketed button up ==> 50K from Saks, 70K from both H&M and Macy's, he chose Macy's
  • Barbara Bates: leather tunic ==> John thought she stepped it up this week and the pieces were a lot of fun. ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Sarah Parrott: tuxedo pants ==> Nicole loved her pants after being very worried about Sarah the night before ==> 50K offer from H&M
  • Lizzie Parker: blouse with bat sleeves ==> Jessica needed a more eye grabbing color choice to love it ==> no offers
The buys picked their bottom three: Ross, Oscar and Lizzie.
The mentors decided to save Ross because of his inevitable talent in tailoring and fit, Oscar was eliminated.
Check out next week's episode, Tuesday at 10pm!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Genes and Guitar Strings by Kelli Neche

(Photo Source:

Although her Mommy, the multi-talented Lauryn Hill (Sister Act 2, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill), has been dipping and dodging out of the headlines with adding more children to her already large family as well as a show here or there, daughter Selah Marley, has made her modelling debut at the very young age of 12. Miss Marley has her very own spread in April's issue of Teen Vogue and she definitely has her mother's beauty written all over her  face. Selah has decided not to ride on the coattails of her mother's success and create her own. Let's keep an eye on this one. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Perfectly Imperfect Elle Varner by Kelli Neche'

(Photo Source:
(Photo Source:
In  case you haven't noticed, there is a new songstress/ songwriter taking the music world by storm while Beyonce' has been away on maternity leave and Rihanna was busy showing off her who-ha to whomever decided to turn their head. Elle Varner, a 22 year old Los Angeles native first wowed music lovers in August of 2011 with her hit, feel good single, "Only Wanna Give it To You" featuring J. Cole. The song is extremely catchy, making it skyrocket on iTunes and remain in heavy rotation to this day on your favorite radio station.
The quirky, yet classy, songbird released a mixtape, Conversational Lush, which she says is a prelude to her upcoming album, Perfectly Imperfect, coming soon this year. The album sampler is on her website.
This natural beauty sings my life as well as every other young adult dealing with potentially loosing love, (Do You Want To, Go), having a terrible day, (WTF), and realizing that you were born perfectly imperfect and the rest of the world is just going to have to deal with it, (So Fly, 32 Flavors).
Her personal style is to die for and I would love to take a duffle bag and go crazy in her closet and play dress-up in her shoes!
If you have yet to download Elle's mixtape, it is available on, make sure you remember that you heard it on NOTORIOUS STYLES first, Ms. Varner is the next top female artist. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Star premiere wrap up! by Kelli Neche

(Photo Source: NBC)
I am IN LOVE with NBC's Fashion Star! I love that Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos are the 14 designers' mentors. Normally these reality television shows have no-name, D-list celebrities that only a certain type of people have heard of to host or make appearances but NBC is doing a great job at keeping their audience intrigued. How the show works is, each week the designers have to design pieces that they feel are current, describe their personal style or fit into the criteria the mentors have placed before that for that particular showcase. The mentors' will give their advice, compliments or concerns to each designer that are presented two at a time, then the buyers from H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Macy's will bid on whom will have the designer's piece sold that night online and the very next day in stores. The mentors' will vote to save one designer from elimination, you can be subject to elimination if you aren't offered any bids on your collection for the night. Whomever is left will be among the one that the BUYERS will chose to eliminate. The buyers include: Caprice Willard, Macy's; Nicole Christie, H&M; and Terron Schaefer, Saks. 
The show began will a parade of the show's host, Elle Macpherson's intimate collection, then gave way to the first set of designers. The challenge for this week was to showcase their signature pieces.
They went in this order:
  • Orly Shani: ==> she's a bartender who's line is called Tuc+Wes, which is all about convertible pieces. Her signature pieces were skirts made with zippers a little lower than the hip that zipped off a flirty dress and made it into a tight, cute mini. ==> Jessica Simpson called it a twofor, Nicole said her pieces brought so much energy and John said it needed a little tweeking. ==> Saks Fifth Avenue bought the skirts for 80K, now available online and tomorrow in-stores. 
  • Edmond Newton: ==> barber stylist, signature piece was a mini cocktail dress. ==> Jessica loved his black and white dress, as well as John, Nicole thought it looked as though it was from two different designers. ==> bought for 60K from Macy's, available now online and in-stores tomorrow.
  • Nikki Poulos: ==> swim wear/ reform wear. signature piece was kimono caftan. ==> Jessica loved the silky piece, John loved the collection. ==> bought for 50K from Macy's.
  • Oscar Fierro: full of color, loves bright detail. signature piece was butterfly dresses. ==> Jessica loved it (of course she did, because all she owns are butterfly dresses.), John nor Nicole liked his pieces. ==> No offers. Up for elimination.
  • Barbara Bates: breast cancer survivor, sold women's clothes in a bathroom. signature piece was a shirt and embellished skirt. ==> All mentors felt the pockets should have been smaller. ==> No offers, up for elimination.
  • Nicholas Bowes: signature piece was the motorcycle jacket. ==> Jessica thought it needed more and NICOLAS stated that he felt Nicole nor Jessica could give him advice or criticism because they were women critiquing men's clothing. Jessica said she wanted to smack him across the face. ==> No offers, up for elimination.
  • Sarah Parrott: mother, signature piece was the shift dress. ==> Jessica loved it and John felt she should have pushed up the bar a little. ==> to H&M for 80K
  • Ross Bennett: Texan, married, signature piece was full culottes. ==> John didn't feel it looked good, Jessica thought for him to be a great tailor it didn't fit the designers well, Nicole thought it looked like it was grabbing the model's vagina. ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Ronnie Escalante: signature piece was the black dress. ==> No offers, up for elimination
  • Luciana Scarabello: No offers, up for elimination
  • Lisa Vian Hunter: No offers, up for elimination
  • Lizzie Parker: bought sewing machine off of craig's list and looked at computer program's to learn to sew. Wore her design to the runway. ==> bought by Macy's for 60K
  • Kara Laricks: signature piece was accessory collar, loves to deconstruct pieces and make something completely new. ==> Nicole pointed out the actual clothes the models wore weren't Kara's, Jessica felt it was a tease. ==> No offers, up for elimination
  • Nzirimo Oputa: Nigerian from Detroit, signature piece was a permanently popped short collared sports jacket. ==> Jessica had no complaints, John loved the styling and stand-up collar. ==> bought by H&M for 50K
The judges decided to save Oscar but the buyers sent home Aussie native Nicholas Bowes. They felt his designing skills weren't going to be enough to create an entire collection that would appease to all of the buyers in the final show.
How Do I Look? host Jeannie Mai will be the direct online correspondent this entire season. Check her out backstage at!
See you next Tuesday at 9:30pm.

Are you still Clueless?? By Kelli Neche

(Photo Source:
Like many young women, including myself, Clueless was my favorite movie. I grew up pretending to be Dionne, using "sporadically" in any and every sentence, as well as telling people that they were virgins who can't drive. It is evident that many fashionistas and designers embody the styles and trends of the movie so it was of no surprise to me when  I came across a link that informed me that the Cosmetic brand TOPSHOP (, has a Clueless inspired shade of lipstick pencil. Needless to say, it's on my to-do list to purchase one! Seal your makeovers with a kiss and roll with the homies in this dramatic hot pink! AsIf. 

New Fashion show coming on tonight....By Chynesha

Watch tonight's biggest Fashion show air on tv. Fashion Star premiere's tonight at 8:30 pm on NBC. The show is showing fashion lovers fighting for the life to compete with other designers to win the first biggest prize ever happen on tv. The winner will receive 6 million dollars and have their clothing in local stores like H&M, Macys, and Saks the very next day! Tune in tonight, I know we will. Click on the link below see a preview

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wondering what is the trend for this season?.....By Chynesha

Click this and see whats in todays Fashion. Prints on Prints is one the hottest trends in today's world. Whether it's stripes with plaid or plaid with polka dots. Forever 21 shows you some styles on what mix and match prints look well together. Send us an email of your Prints on Prints and show us your Nortorious Style. Send emails to

Support and Enjoy! By Kelli Neche

Love lip stick or gloss??? Can't find a color that truly matches your skin tone or sets you apart from the crowd??? Check out Melanie Wade's blog! Products shown will be available for purchase starting Friday!!!!

Vogue Italia embraces Natural Hair by Kelli Neche

Appareantly, Vogue Italia has said that natural hair on black models are the new trend for high fashion catwalks. Normally we see black models being forced to conform to the designers request for long hair of all shades and colors, now there is a higher demand for models that love being au natural. Has natural hair moved from being a lifestyle to a worldwide movement? I also saw someone write a story about Wendy Williams saying Viola Davis wearing her natural hair on the red carpet wasn't formal. Ms. Williams, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to speak.

(Photo Source:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who's style is the most Notorious?

Notorious Styles will be accepting weekly emails of you dressed in your TASTEFUL best starting this Monday, March 12 then on Saturday March 17, we will choose what we feel is that week's best dressed! Send all photos to!

From our closet to yours

Stay tuned to see where to go and how much you need!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hello World, this is Chynesha and Kelli Neche's new fashion blog. We will show your how to style on a budget, where to go, whats the hottest trend in every season, we will post our outfits and also teach you how to manage and style natural with your hair. We will also have a weekly segment on makeup, where to go to find it, techniqes and tips every Friday. So look out soon :)