Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Protect Thy Tresses … Tai Re'Nai

(let us all raise our hands) I pledge allegiance to the natural hair gods and goddesses to protect thy tresses by any means necessary. 

              When it comes to your hair healthiness is a main factor! You want to make sure you keep your hair moisturized and you trim when needed. Since its cold outside you want to protect the ends of your hair because it will break off. YES it will break off! I know your thinking how its not summer time anymore so no heat damage. If you thought this then your WRONG. It's ok, some people honestly do not know this. When it gets cold outside your hair still has potential to break off because the coldness will dry your hair out. So you want to keep those ends MOISTURIZED! You can do this by  having a GREAT moisturizer. One of my favorites right now & staple of the month is the Amla & Olive Heavy cream by Qhemet Biologics. That is a great moisturizer by itself so I do not have to seal with an oil. But when I do have to seal my hair I use almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or argon oil. But what works for me may not work for you. So whatever oil is your favorite you use it to seal those ends everyday!


    But that is not all you can do to "PROTECT THY TRESSES" yup there is more!

 NOW when you want to protect your hair and maintain growth protective styling is where its at! For those of you not familiar with protective styling I'll explain. Protective styling is intended to help retain growth and cut down or stop manipulation completely. This will help stop breakage and damage to the hair. Protective styling protects the hair during those hot and cold months. I will give you examples & some of my favorite protective styles below. 


I love patra braids because they are so versatile! You can wear them on a regular day. Style them for a professional setting and to go out for a night on the town. I will show you some of the ways I styled my hair while I had them.

This was a great everyday updo for me. I kept it in for probably a couple of days at a time. I achieved this look by bringing all of the hair into a high ponytail. I then braided the hair into big chuncky braids wrapped tucked & bobby pinned.

 I simply just put on a headband and went 

I do not remember how I achieved this style exactly. I just know that it was FIERCE! I believe I just pulled the braids over one another and bobby pinned.


I am a huge fan of the individual twist. They are also very versatile and stylish!
Here are some of the styles I did with mine.

I achieved this look by the cross-over method. I crossed the hair over by two strands and pulled the hair from the side to give it the braided look. when i got to the top of my hair i bobby pinned the hair down to stay in place. I then did the same method and as I got close to the end I braided it down. To finish the hair I tucked and bobby pinned the hair to the side. 

My Favorite quick style really it only takes less then 3 mins. I did a flat twist from the back of my hair & twisted it around. I bobby pinned the hair so it could stay in place. Then i applied edge control so my edges wouldnt look a ruff mess.

I love to have my hair styled into anything that loos like a crown. I cornrowed the hair from the side of my ear and all the way around. & bobby pinned into place.

Yarn baby

I am a huge fan of yarn braids! You can basically get yarn anything. From twist all the way to dreads. Yarn is also healthy for your hair so it will give you the protection that you need. This style is also versatile as well.

These are yarn locs a perfect protective style! And its a banging @$$ hairstyle.

The picture above she is wearing yarn braids. Hair is laid!

Now you do not have to go out and get your hair braided or twisted with hair extensions for it to be considered a protective style! A protective style is also sealing your ends. So if you keep your twist or braids for a long period of time before taking them down your doing a protective style! Yup, you probably were doing this without even noticing you were protecting your hair! your hair loves to be left alone. Keeping it twisted, braided and pinned up is helping with growth as well. Your hair loves less manipulation. LESS IS MORE. LESS IS MORE!


The mother of styling Turbans!!!
Turbans are cute and fashionable and can be thrown on with just about any outfit at anytime of the day or setting. This helps with protective styling becaus its concealing your hair and especially your ends from the cold or the sun. I usually do turbans when I want to keep my twist or braids in for a a long period of time. Or when I simply dont have the time to style my hair. Here are different ways to style a turban.

 with this turban i twisted my hair & pin curled it.

I just wanted to give you all some ideas on the many different styles that are out there waiting for you to try. You can never get to bored or be to creative1

Well ladies I hope i gave you some new ideas and tips on how to maintain healthy natural growing hair. And as always keep it natural and classy beautiful people :)

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  1. Do you have to be natural to get yarn braids?