Friday, December 21, 2012

Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche

This week's Most Notorious Talent is someone very close to me that I've known for quite some time now. I'm still trying to figure out why we hadn't had this sit down before.
But below, I present to some and introduce to others, my very own brother.
Mr. Ambition, himself:
Stephen "Joey Gallo" Towns Jr.

•State your name/aliases and profession(s). 
 Joey Gallo and I’m a author, multi-business owner, and an American recording artist

•Even though you've been my brother for the past 22 years and I already know the answer to most of long have you been doing music? 

I know you do, but I was 1st introduced to music at 12 and really became serious with it at the age of 18

•What inspired your name "Joey Gallo" and why do you feel it suited you so well?

  I was watching a special on TV when I was younger and I seen a documentary on the mobster named “Crazy” Joe Gallo and despite most people that assume it was the mob aspect that attracted me, it was the way he was meticulous with his money hustle. He didn't play with his paper nor did he spare any expense when he had to get it, I feel like that trait was something that I could relate to: that passion to excel and make something out of who you are!! He also was the 1st Italian to bring African Americans to that life…
•Who or what event inspired you to do music?
 As a artist I feel like you are born with the inspiration to do music and the stronger your inspiration, the more you sacrifice to fuel it.  My family inspires me; that ambition to create a life for them that’s different from what you seen or what you grew up too. My fans inspire me as well, the people that didn't know me before music and grew with me as each album was dropped. But more than anything is the ability to look back and say your lived out your dream…..

•What's your favorite song ever written and why?
WOW sis, that’s a hard question lol…. I have a lot of songs that I love and that meant a lot to me, but if I had to pick one … ummm let’s say “Journey over Music” because the topics I addressed in that song. People always think your life is one way because they see you in a certain light, but they forget sometimes your human. They forgot you face problems and adversity just like them.

•After being in the music industry as long as you have, what makes you still as passionate as you were when you first started?
Great question…. I still am Because I have a true love for the art of music!!! I love music… so even when I get 50 plus I will be intertwined into this industry…. Music lives in my soul and you can’t just shake that, it’s more than money for me… If I hit the lottery I would still do this…. Just my rhymes would be different 

•On your journey throughout the music industry, what advice do you have for other musicians trying to make it?
 I would say to anyone trying to make it don’t get supped into the hype of the glam and gilts, because music is 90% business and everything is driven off that. Also I would implore artist to make the music they love, and don’t conform to what “THEY” say that you should make.. be your own man/woman… at the end of the day you will be proud of yourself for making what YOU wanted.

•Do you have any projects coming up that you'd like to share with our viewers?
 Yes I do, I have 2 projects that I’m working on. The 1st is a joint project with artists Illa & Canayda called “Visions of Summer Nights” which should drop late January and my solo LP on the label entitled “III-I-IX” ((3-1-9)) will be dropping on my birthday 3/19/2013… I have features from the roots crew member Truck North, Skillz, and many more.. all tracks done by the late great producer Kleph Dollaz ((RIP))

•Any sprouting artists that you can't wait for us to check out?
 I’m hard on artist but beside my usual suspects ((Canayda, Mike Mills, Joey Bananas, Chance Fisher, Tamir Rock, Noah O, Dolomic, DMP & Nottz, Shawn Chappelle, Mimi Velez, Teresa Cook, Garnett Bouldin and others))  I will say the homie Stalley is fresh, that’s my dude and he just signed with MMG & Rick Ross like a year ago. He is working on his solo cd now…. check him and my usual suspects out

•How would you describe your style in three words?
Creative… Confident… Real…

•Tell us one thing very few people know about you.  
That I’m a very down to earth person, people when they 1st meet me always say “I never thought you would be soo grounded and down to earth” … sometimes people get stuck in the music persona.

•What makes you, Joey Gallo, and your music SO NOTORIOUS??
I’m notorious with this music because I give the audience ME…. no punches!!  They know my sound is authentic…. they know my story is authentic… they know that I give them a well rounded style and it’s all me! no matter the content: street talk, ladies, problems, life, etc… you get the quantity of musical content you want without losing the quality of a artist you deserve…. That simple!!!  

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