Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ghana's Best Kept Secret by Kelli Neche

I've decided to share with you all what I feel is Ghana's Best Kept Secret. Anyone heard of the fashion line Koshie O.?? HONEY! Prepare to be AMAZED! Here's a little insight on the brand, it's near-future partnerships and what a Koshie O. woman is and stands for.

First, we'll see what bridges the brand has been building and what the team has in the works!

It looks as though Mya's love isn't the only thing that's like woah! The American R&B singer is doing her best to stay relevant by launching a new Ghanaian clothing line called, "Koshie O." as apart of "The Koshie O. Woman" campaign. This campaign is dedicated to highlighting bold, strong, beautiful women who are able to take on a multi-tasked lifestyle while still remaining stylish and fashionable. Being that Mya is a spokesperson and ambassador for the brand, she will be working alongside the creative team to begin construction on a much anticipated 2013 Spring/Summer line.
Mya plans to donate 5 percent of the proceeds to from her creations to the global humanitarian agency Mercy Corps

The Koshie O. brand outside of Mya's influence is simply breathtaking. The website bio states that: Koshie O. is a brand of clothing which integrates African themes and aesthetics  with modern design. The fashion line blends an African focus on luxuriant fabric and earthy symbolism with more fluid and practical designs required by a contemporary lifestyle. In some sense, Koshie O. is an echo of many of the globalizing currents that are simultaneously shaping Africa and introducing her kaleidoscope to the modern world. The founder and CEO Nina Baskmty is herself an embodiment of these transformations. She lives and was educated in the United States but was raised in Ghana along a line of traditional Ghanaian dressmakers and artisans who have served their local communities for several generations. We use top quality fabrics which are globally selected to exacting standards and processed in many places including Ghana and New York City. Our value chain does not use sweatshops and our production processes provide livelihoods for quasi-independent artisans and small teams of professionals. Consistent with largely egalitarian West-African traditions, it is our vision that Koshie O. will be accessible from all walks of life.

As Always Ladies and Gents, Stay Classy.

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