Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Most Notorious Talent....By Chynesha


Hello my fashionistas, this weeks Most Notorious Talent is the Beautiful Jenell Stewart. Now, for those who do not know her, here's a way to get to know her. She is the sweetest person to talk to. I follow her on IG and I was thinking to myself "OMG it will be great to interview her". So I decided to comment on one of your pictures and asked if I can interview her. When she replied right back, I almost died lol. I was so shocked that she even responded because she has over 7000 people following her. When I called her at 5:30 pm on the dot, lol, I was so nervous and was afraid that she wouldn't even realize who I was. Once I heard her voice, I was excepting a different tone. She was so bubbly and happy to be interviewed by another blogger. As we were talking, I couldn't help but notice that her little baby boy was in the background trying to get her attention, I thought that was too precious. If you get the chance to speak with Mrs. Stewart she is very honest and when she speaks to you she only speaks to YOU! I love that she gave me her undivived attention and took the time out from her schedule to talk to me, so once again THANK YOU so much. It was an honor!

Jenell Stewart MS Ed., decided to embrace her natural hair, by way of the big chop, on March 26, 2010. As she embraced her natural hair, Jenell found joy in blogging about her journey. She created KinkyCurlyCoilyMe! as a way to track her journey and to be a resource for women in need of hair education and support.

Jenell currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. with her son and husband. She dedicates most of her time educating and uplifting women with kinky, curly, coily natural hair. She dreams of traveling around the world sharing her story and motivating women to embrace their natural beauty

  1. What is the name of your blog?
Kinky Curly Coily Me 

    2. What projects have you done recently?
Dec 5 in New York City, I was at SheaMoister PopUp Shop. 
Dec 1, I was in Dallas Texas for the October dinner with Curl Friends.
I was recently in Essence magazine in the summer. 
I was on essences online for the  natural bloggers 
Over the Summer I won natural favorite website.

3.   If you could go back and change the way you received your career, what would it be?
I I would have done a little bit more of my TWA as far as on YouTube. I wasn't thinking of the time to do a YouTube video. 

4.    What makes you and your style so NOTORIOUS?
I have a texture that is not idealized. It help me with my personality is when people watch me. I am a educator, I have a way with words that people get it. I'm a realistic person; I didn't know what a powder and liquid make up was. I didn't shop at expensive stores, but now I doll it up. I am not light skin and there's this infinite that its part of this world. People come from area and an era that when it comes to coming on camera that I'm dark skin. I look at it has I'm natural. I'm really confident and I don't look at it has I'm dark skin.  People watched me grow when I got engage, married, pregnant so people saw me blossom.

5.   Who inspire to become natural? How long have you been Natural?
I've been natural since March 26, 2010 so for 2 years. My cousin told me she wants to go natural, but not telling me to go natural. She was getting tired of the chemicals damaging her hair. Being African we don't do natural, and I thought she was crazy. We were doing research and was getting negative feedback to be natural. We watched videos Friday night, we were inspired by this brave women who decided to do the BIG Chop.  Once I saw that I decided to just do it. I was ready!

6. What advice would you give to a newbie that started to be Natural?
I encourage others to do the Big Chop. My advice to be first to make a reason why you want to go natural. It makes it easier to know why you want to go natural. Examples; the chemicals that damage my hair, tired of the relaxers etc. Don't stay focused on why your hair doesn't look like someone elses. Study your curl pattern, invest in products, natural hair products are cheap. It requires a lot of maintenance to your hair. Start off doing Twist out, Two Strand Twist and Bantu Knots.

 7 What are your top 5 favorite hair products that you use?
1. SheaMoisture  2. SheaMoisture raw Shea butter 3. SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus 4. As I Am double butter cream 5. Miss Jessie’s Meringue 

Be Infamous, Be you

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