Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Food for Thought by Kelli Neche

Yesterday I was on Instagram during my lunch break, just scrolling, chatting on the phone and I come across a screen shot from a popular Natural Hair forum site,
The screen shot only showed the title of the story which read: Fired Over Facebook Posting About Natural Hair.
This obviously peaked my interest, I went to CurlyNikki's website on my phone and began to read the article

As if the previous comment wasn't enough to fire me up, the second one surely did.
I was so baffled  by the sheer ignorance that led the commentator to even strike up the energy to ask someone to grow their hair longer after inquiring as to whether they were a CANCER PATIENT or not. IS THIS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN?? IS THIS THE SOCIETY THAT WE'RE FEEDING TO OUR CHILDREN?? 
A lot of people know that before I went natural I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. I had half of my courses out of the way, I was READY. Then once I made the decision to go natural and began my transition, I spoke to a friend that works a CBS6 and she tells me that women with natural hair are normally BEHIND the scenes as camera women or writers. She told me that whenever I decided to do something different with my hair that I would have to get it approved by the producer.
FIRST OF ALL, I don't consult with my own DADDY before making a hair decision, what in the world would make ANYONE think that I'd write up a proposal for a twist out??? 
There went my journalism dreams.
I'm saying all of that to say that as a people and a nation, something has to be done in order to break the mold that society has put us in. So that way, our future babies can have a higher self esteem when criticized, whether they decide to wear their hair kinky and coily or blown out and straight. I say as a people because a lot of African Americans have a hard time accepting natural hair for what ever reason that may be. The fact that this woman who is proud of who she is was FIRED because she defended herself, something I'm sure the company she was working for wouldn't have done, should sicken you and break your heart.
How much forward have we really moved? 
Are TWAs. Twist Outs and Locs really THAT unprofessional??
Should anyone working in a cooperate job feel the need to compromise their appearance for their career?
What is that teaching society if we do?
What is that saying about us to our children if we go to work with a wig because your boss suggested it and come home only to tell them to be themselves and to be proud of who they are??

Just some Food For Thought.
Stay Classy.


  1. Hi Kelli, that story is unbelievable... I think this woman could even sue her company for using such a superficial reason for firing her, couldn't she? Anyway, loved meeting you guys yesterday!

  2. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, I guess. It was awesome meeting you as well!