Friday, December 7, 2012

Most Notorious Talent! By Kelli Neche

This week's Most Notorious Talent is one of my favorite people that I have met on this Notorious Journey and I am so grateful for the awesome friend that he's become! He is so talented and so amazing in so many ways. I hope only to draw from half of the knowledge and humility that he possesses. He gave Notorious Styles their styling debut at this years final R.A.I.N. Fashion Gala and it was an amazing success!
Ladies and Gentleman...Steven Franco Ramirez. 

First and foremost, I am so excited to be covering you for this week's Most Notorious Talent! You have had so much faith in Notorious Styles since we had our first meeting at Selba and have been opening so many doors for us since! Thank you so much for agreeing to allow me to interview you and for being such an inspiration!

•Please state your name and occupation for our viewers!

My name is Steven Ramirez I am a student at VCU and a Hair Stylist at Ceco Studio in Carytown.

•What sparked your love for fashion? Was there a particular event or show that you experienced that gave you an epiphany to pursue it further?

My interest in Fashion began when I was around 7 years old I always used to get adventure magazines in the mail and I would always see different kids modeling in the magazines and I would get so inspired that I would practice modeling in front of the mirror. I always liked to try new outfits on for school I never wanted to wear the same outfit so I began to mix and match my outfits starting in third grade.

Later when I went to college I met a group of really inspiring people at the Rumors Boutique. They were planning a fashion show and I was more than excited to be a part of it because I always dreamed of being a model. That fashion show opened my eyes to so many talented individuals and a passion that I had never been a part of.
The name of that 2010 fashion show was called “Model Citizen” a production under Rumors. 

•You know I'm a sucker for your style. In three words describe what you think when you're getting dressed and or shopping.

3 words: Flow, Juice, Matador

•Any upcoming RVA talent that you can't wait to work with or that you feel we should keep our eye on?

Upcoming Talent: Oxygen RAVE – Music Artist, Bree Davis Photographer, Britt Sebastian- Designer.

•Please explain what R.A.I.N is for the viewers who are still trying to figure it out.

R.A.I.N. Is a Group of Individuals that are wanting to work on a Movement at a certain time frame. There are a set group of individuals that always work on the productions and there are also temp. Individuals that work on the project or production for the set time frame. We are an organization in Richmond VA wanting to push the Fashion forward movement and to highlight and showcase talent. We want to help further the success of creative individuals and in the progress make the fashion scene grow in Richmond VA. By working with local and VCU designers, Models, Photographers, musicians, and dancers, Hair and Make up Artists and Venues around Richmond Va. We put together photo shoots, Socials, Dance parties, and Fashion shows to Network and further the success of individuals.

•When you created R.A.I.N. did you think that the organization would be the rising success that it has become?

When I began R.A.I.N. I was very optimistic about it and not sure what would come of it, but I figured it would have some impact in the Fashion community.  

•Can we expect anything major from you until the R.A.I.N. shows resume in the spring?

I will be working on producing more Photo shoots and Socials

•Tell us something that you're proud of that very few people know about you.

I am proud of how I’ve continued running after High school. I did a 10k over the summer and I am planning on doing one more race before the end of 2012.

•Explain why you feel you, Steven Franco Ramirez, are THE Most Notorious.

I feel Like I have planned and organized enough functions for this year 2012 alone to have 6 issues of a Fashion magazine. I love working with talented and Creative individuals and want to continue and push the transition stage of Richmond VA into an Art capital.

This is only a fraction of insight into the force that is Steven Ramierz! To keep up with him and all of his endevours, befriend him on Facebook: 
Also be sure to like the R.A.I.N. page! 


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