Thursday, December 20, 2012

Betsey is BACK by Kelli Neche

Alright Betsey Johnson fanatics (myself included)! We have some amazing news provided by Style Blazer
Although we were all super sad to find out that Betsey filed for bankruptcy in April, we can mask our despair with excitement because Betsey is flipping her way RIGHT BACK where she belongs!

The 70-year-old cancer survivor will be cartwheeling onto the Style Network oh, so soon! The show will be following Betsey and her daughter LuLu as LuLu launches her own clothing line. Keep Notorious Styles in your favorites/bookmarks for further information on when it will be airing!

Also, to be expected from the free-spirited fashion designer is an affordable dress line being launched in Macy's and Nordstrom stores EVERYWHERE! The line is looking to range from $99-$249. This particular line is looked to be more toned-down chic compared to Betsey's more eccentric designing decisions.

As Always..Stay Classy!

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