Saturday, November 3, 2012

Return Of The Curls Holiday Trunk Show….. Tai Re'Nai


If you haven't heard already then let me fill you in! Keenya Kelly of Return of The Curls will be hosting the holiday trunk show. This is a GREAT opportunity for naturals to attend! There will be a wide variety of vendors and Maeling Tap of Natural Chica will be attending the event also.  She will talk about her natural journey and she will be doing a Q&A. You get to chat amongst other naturals and you will have a chance to learn different ways to take care of your hair. We also know how much many of you naturals love your products WELL their will be a huge product swap so bring your gently used products you no longer need and pick up a new one. The event will be donating coats to help support Feed The City foundation. So not only will you be having fun you get to help those in need as well. Tickets are on sale at And believe me this is an event you will not want to miss! We rarely have natural expos of any sort come to richmond. So this is great for us! If you went to the last Return of The Curls event back in july then you know you want to attend this one! We hope to see you there dressed in your most NOTORIOUS ATTIRE!

As always keep it natural and classy beautiful people:) 

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