Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays Most Notorious Talent ….. By TaiJah Re'Nai


My name is Lexi Russell I am 18 years old and  I have a 3 month year old littl boy named Jayden he is my rock, he is the reason Im so passionate about what I do. Before I was pregnant I was not on the right path I was slacking in school and i really wasnt all that sure about exactly what i wanted to do in life. I would sit at home and think about all the things i love to do but still wasnt quiet sure what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. I got pregnant at the tender age of 17 and i was still in high school. It was hard to get out the bed some days and make it school but my whole attitude did a 360 when i found out I had a child to take care of. Immediatly my grades started going up i started working harder for my future I actually walked across the graduation stage pregnant and that was my most proud day because alot of young girls who get pregnant at this age give up an education and that is not the right way to go. Even after i graduated i still didnt know what i wanted to do until the medicial bills started rolling, also when i relized that the father wasnt going to be apart of his life and that I would have to do this alone I mean of coarce I had my family as a support system but jayden would not a male figure. So one day im just looking over my bills asking god what do I do because there is know way i can take care of all these alone and boom I started coming up with hat designs, i started coming up with shirt designs. I first stared posting the designs on instagram and my followers went crazy and they started selling pretty quickly. t then the word spread like wild fire.With the skirts that started when my mom wore one of the skirts to a jewlery event she sales tracy lynn fashion jewelry and thats the jewlery you see in the pictures if you want to buy that you cant contact my email or a phone call. Anyways people started asking where they could get one and i told them i could make them for only 65.00 and of coarse that started to spread so ive been comin up with different colors ideas its really exciting . I also am a up and coming make -up artist im currently in qc make-artistry school learning how to be a master in make up artistry. Im in love with fashion and everything that it stands for i love hair,shoes clothes you name it all it amazies me because i feel like thats a great way to express yourself .

When did you discover your flare for fashion? And how did you find your talent for designing?
Well I’ve always had a flare for fashion I’ve always loved make - up ,clothes ,shoes, hair everything.  As a young girl I played in my mom’s make- up and all her jewelry constantly. I use to get in trouble for playing in her clothes and walking around the house in her heels. I never really thought about being a designer tell I had my first child at 18. He is only 3 months old and I didn’t want him in daycare yet so I needed something to do that I enjoyed and that could also bring in a little bit of money for me and him both. The father is not in his life so I thought to myself what can I do to make sure that my baby is well taken care of where I don’t have to depend on anyone but me

2. Who aspired you to pursue your own designing business? (Candy Couture) Jayden is defiantly who inspires me the most I mean he is the reason I do this. Being a teen mom is hard no doubt but you do what you have to, to take care of your child as a single mother.

3. What do you design? And what should we be on the look for from you in the near future?Right now I design custom shirts, custom hats, and different styles and color of tutus and I’m hoping to do some fall color tutus also that is something I’m working on now. I just hope to broaden my horizon a little bit more come out with some different styles of winter scarves I don’t know in to detail I’m just letting my creativity flow.

 4. What advice would you give another aspiring designer and entrepreneur? And what advice would you give to young mothers like yourself? 
The advice I would give to young girls is to never give up! If your still in high school take business classes, take fashion classes be involved in all the trips. Also don’t be afraid too be unique don’t be afraid to go all out with your makeup, your clothes, your hair express yourself through what people can see. And to young mothers I would say I know it tough but just because you’re young and have a child that doesn’t mean your dreams can’t come true all it takes is drive and ambition you have to be hungry for what you want. 

5. What makes you and your style NOTORIOUS?

I think I’m notorious because I am not afraid! I’m not afraid to be different and I’m not afraid to go for what I want I’m working for something and for someone.
 6. How can we contact you ?
 If you want to contact me or make purchases you can call me at 804-763-9997 or send me a email
Below we have pictures of Lexi's work! I am happy and honored that she allowed me to model her designs. Photography by Kiabree Quareles. You can follow her on IG @ke_edy or type her name in on fb.

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