Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Safety Pin Collar.....By Chynesha

Good afternoon loves, yesterday when I was on the computer i was looking for fashionable pictures and trends for men and I came across a shirt that inspired me to do it myself. I was so shocked that I didn't think of this before. So I went out and bought some pins for my project. I will lead you step by step, it is pretty easy to do and affordable.

Materials that you will need:

1. Any button up shirt (I prefer black because the pins stand out)
2. Sliver and Gold safety pins. (you can get these pins for any fabric store)

The Process

 * If you want to wear this style in the winter time, i recommend you to use a long sleeve shirt. I didn't have so this was the closet black button up shirt that I had. Also you can purchase a button p for 2 dollars at Goodwill or any thrift store.

* I had purchased these pins for Jo-Ann. They were only 2.99 a box. 65 pins come in each packed, i purchased two silvers and golds. Each box has different sizes. If you want to put pins on your shirt with all the same sizes, then you can. I would rather have different sizes to look more fuller.

* You don't know need glue or tape, just your pins and two hands. I had started from bottom of the collar and worked my way up on the other side. You do not have to use all your pins but i wanted my collar to be full. For a designer look, you are going to want to have all your pins in different rotations and overlapping each other. As you can see all I did was put the pins in the collar.

*This is one side of the collar as you can see it doesn't look full. I just went ahead and had all the pins around the collar, then went back and add more to the collar. Like I had said before you do not have use all pins, if you like your collar they way this picture is then do that. Do what makes you happy.


*PS. As I put on my shirt I realize that my pins were to high on the back of my collar, so if you have long hair put it in a bun or the pins will snag your hair like it did mine lol.

*Fashion Tip: This look can go with a leather jacket, dark denim jeans, high waist skirt, pumps or flats, hat, leather pants or leggings. 

Be Infamous, Be You!


  1. awww thank you i actually got the idea from your pic. It was off your Men with Style and I was like WHAT!!!!! THOSE ARE SAFETY PINS!!!!! So thank you mam

  2. this is so fun and funky! looks like a DIY project even I could do. thanks for sharing!