Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Background Check by Kelli Neche

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." Coco Chanel

Notorious Styles has grown so much since the first day Chynesha and I sat in her living room and created it. We've gained so much experience and have met so many amazing people throughout our journey and it has been an amazing one.
So, I wanted to give our viewers a little insight on who Notorious Styles is. A lot of people are still not sure of who we are or may not even care but I wanted to shed some light on our success and how we have made a name for ourselves.

I'll start with how Chy and I met and started the blog.

Chy and I both work at Target and we kind of brewed a friendship over work. Maybe about a year after she joined the team I was already ankle deep in a natural hair blog of my own. I'd been natural for about a year and I wanted to learn as much as I could and share as much as I could with whomever I could. So Chy texts me one night and it said: I think we should start a blog.
I'm like, yeah okay Chy, not thinking she's serious but a couple weeks later, March 2011, I'm sitting in her living room with my laptop, thinking of names. 
We were just shooting out things and I gave it a second and I go..."Notorious Styles!" and it stuck. She and I started looking up events and posting different things, just as a hobby initially.
Then I spoke to a friend of mine named Catt and she told her friend Larissa (of From the Runway to RVA now known as RVAFashionGirl) about us and we got invited to our first event. It was a closet swap and we had the best time. We met a lot of other local bloggers and nabbed some awesome clothes. 
From then on Chy and I attended more meet and greets and continued to search the web for events and different ways to gain exposure. 
I found out about this fashion show that was supposed to be happening at this restuarant in Carytown and it looked like a good way to grab some photos for a post. Chy has this awesome camera so we loaded up our boyfriends at the time and headed to Selba Lounge. We fell in love!
There we met Steven Franco Ramierz. Stevn was so sweet and so friendly and open to us wanting to be apart of this amazing event that he'd created. From that day on we were apart of the organization R.A.I.N (Richmond's Armada Intelligence Network) and the doors just kept opening.

One day while searching I came across Keenya Kelly's page ( and found out about Return of the Curls. I texted Chy telling her we HAD to get on this! It  
was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We've been working with Keenya ever since and the God in her has opened so many  doors for us that we are forever grateful for.
The Fashion Show and Expo was an amazing success! 

10, 000 views later and with much more experience than when we started, we hit a minor speed bump and realized that we needed more help than just the two of us. 
So we took to instagram to find someone who would fit in well with our persoanlities and be as committed as we were.
There, we came across TaiJah Re'Nai, a fast talking natural fashionista from New York who was right up our alley. After our interview with her, we didn't need to look anymore.

Now, 25K views, 120 Facebook Likes and 200+ instagram followers later and a lot more knowledgeable than we were a 8 months before, Notorious Styles was making a name for themselves. 
What it means to have Notorious Style is to possess infamous, unforgiving, classy yet edgey style and to be able to stand out from the crowd no matter who was around. You may not own the most expensive things but you can put together things that no one else would have thought of.
A couple of weeks ago, Steven gave us the opportunity to have our first styling portion in our last R.A.I.N. show of the year. Several mishaps happened and we ended up styling the models 2 hours before the show with items from just about everyone's closet. 

The love that each of us shared for fashion and natural hair gave us a bond that makes us unbreakable. Be on the lookout or more from Notorious Styles in the near future. On our instagram (NotoriousStylez) we have a style challenge in the midst as well as one that we'll be doing for the trunk show that will be sponsored by Beautiful Textures

Even with all of the success that God has blessed us with, this is only a dent in the career that is Notorious Styles. Check for us soon on the Style Network. Doing interviews with Joann Rivers. Interviewing for every red carpet across the globe as well as travelling with Return of the Curls!
Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter: 

Chy: @akinkylife (Instagram)
Kelli Neche: @_allTressedUp (Instagram and Twitter)
Tai Re'Nai: @sickXaddiction (Instagram and Twitter)

"A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous!" -Coco Chanel

As always, Stay Classy!

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