Monday, October 29, 2012

TRUE TO SIZE … TaiJah Re'Nai

My real figured women going to love me for this one! SO, I have been searching day and night to find fashionable clothing for plus size women. Because, I know I am not the only person who notices the lack of fashion in the plus size side of the store. It is not right that you go into a store and see the juniors have all of the cutest, up to date fashion. Then you go into the plus size side and see clothes that are not fashionable and looks old. I had enough of it and so I decided to find sites with fashionable plus size clothing fit for full figured women! Below I will post links to the different websites that I found! Hope you all enjoy the shopping! You will not be disappointed with the website pages I promise :) sizes 12-26 affordable prices

As always remember to keep it natural and classy ladies!

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