Friday, October 12, 2012

Roaming the streets in Paris........Chynesha

Good Morning Fashionistas, it time for a Street Style update in Paris. If anyone knows Paris, it's the place to be seen especially  when it comes to fashion. Just recently Paris had their Fashion Week and many celebrities were caught roaming the streets. The photos that I have are Fashion stylists, models, bloggers and employees of Paris Magazines. All of these looks are AMAZING!!!!!!! I DARE someone to reinvent one of the looks and post it on our Facebook wall.

Love these looks very simple and elegant

Would you rock any of these looks, if so please send us a picture to our email or post on our Facebook Page

 Even though it is the Fall/Winter season, you can still bring color to your outfit. Why not light up the room with fall and neon colors.

 Would you be the one to be BOLD and reinvent one of these NOTORIOUS looks.


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