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The Lyrically Inclined

I am honored to have the chance to introduce to you all one of my good friends. I fell in love with him the first day I met him. But who can resist someone with so much charm?! His style is impeccable, he has a personality that will light up any room. He is talented beyond measure and a beautiful person inside and out. When he told me that he would love to be featured I was ecstatic.  So without further ado I present to you all the infamous J.E. ….

I'm Jarell Edmonds 21 year old Artist from VA,  Talents ; Songwriting, Dance Performance/Choreography, Visual Styling, Photography & Design.  

1. Who or what inspired you to write music?

My sister Feleshia Ballou A Singer/Songwriter has been relentlessly pursuing her music career most of my life, There was a time when she would ask me for help and I had very minor ideas and a lot of the time None at all, lol. Being a dancer I was always more engrossed in the instrumental of a song, I paid attention to what made me move and later in life I realized that it would be that exact fascination that added a kick to my songwriting,  I find a track that makes me move and I write lyrics to make you move, Emotionally or is you are just having fun listening & Mentally My premise will make you think. I have always had something to say so why not tell the world through music the one thing that connects us all. 

When did you discover your talent and passion for music?

I have  always had a passion for music, madly in love with it. I wrote my first song Back in June 2012 in 15 minutes with no instrumental other than the beat playing in my head the song Tilted " It's about time" said everything I felt concerning my life and it was about time that I got off my ass and used every talent I was blessed with. 

What advice would you give to people who are inspiring song writers & musicians like yourself? 

There are only 5 people between you and the person that Will give you your Moment if you work as hard can and produce quality. You know someone that knows someone that knows someone  so Exploit the amazing tool of Networking and establish honest, productive relationships. Be true to your art and wait for someone to believe in you as much or more than you do. 

What are some of the opportunities that you have received since you started writing music? Do you have any projects your working on? Or can tell us at this point?

After my first song I worked day and night writing songs improving my craft to the point where I had tracks to share with Music professionals My sister signed to Blockstar Ent. Affiliation with The Inkredibles SoSoDef and many more, well she decided to send my tracks out to a couple people to get some feedback and they were impressed with my talent and they asked for more, an open invites to work with Major producers and songwriters in Atlanta and New York, The day after my 21st a session in Philadelphia led my sister and I to a new friend Marcus John An Extremely talented Singer, Producer/Engineer Signed to Sosodef. while I was out trying to get my first official Philly cheese steak my sister played like the third song I wrote and returned to him saying Yo! I heard your song that joint is Hot! I like it!  A feeling I really don't know how to express with words came over me and that turned into an invite to a session to with Dondria during her new project and let's cross our fingers and hope she loves what I have to submit.  A BET official following our music invited my sister and I to The 2012 Bet Hip Hop Awards Complimentary floor seats, Truly an amazing networking opportunity and experience! Recently learned to record my own music to send to my connections and a song for submission to The Legendary Teddy Riley

Not only do you wrote music, you also sing! How did you discover your voice?

You know I never let anyone hear me sing until I started writing not my mother, siblings not anyone and surprisingly the feedback was good. But I've butchered some notes in my time lol, I had to find my voice and be confident in my singing to broadcast my art and now I will sing you a song anywhere you ask me too. 
What should we be looking out for from you in the future?
You should be looking forward to my placement you'll hear it here first.  

What makes you & your style so NOTORIOUS?! 

What makes me Notorious.  You know my little brother answered this Best, We were walking one day and he expressed how he admired my outlook on life and how I'm never seeking acceptance take it or leave it I wear what I want, I cut my hair the way I want and if I'm set on moving to San Francisco next month it's going to happen. I'm notorious because I know my worth and I want to set an example for everyone to know their own, I am a Creative soul I IMAGINE something anything! A design, a song, a dance, a photograph I CREATE said thing then I try to INSPIRE with my product 

How can you be contacted? Facebook Jarell Edmonds :Instagram Designyourworldje  Check out my Internationally  accredited photography for sale @    Support the artistry Please, Contact me for Design, Visual Styling, Photography, Dance Choreography and If there something you want in my gallery I offer the same service at lower rates! 

Be on the look out for Jarell Edmonds and show your support! I have so much confidence and faith that his name will be in BIG FLASHING LIGHTS. His face will be on a billboard in times square one day. Yes he's that talented! And remember you got to hear about him first from the most infamous ladies blogging ;) 

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