Monday, October 1, 2012

Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche

State your name and the name of your brand. Latavia Taylor or L Marie

When and What made you want to start your own brand and actually put forth the effort to pursue your dreams?
I was going through a rough patch in my life. I was trying to find direction. I didn't know which path to take in life, whether if it was in law, ministry or fashion. My father always taught us that your misery births your ministry! With that the vision of L Marie began. Being a PK (Preacher Kid) We are taught to dress and carry ourselves a certain way. Honestly I didn't want to do it but I found that it was easier for me to just be modest. From there the desire to teach other young men and women the importance appearance and modest became my goal.
I decided to pursue my dreams because I knew if I waited any longer, my time would past! Everyone has there season. This is my season. I also have a great support system. Any crazy idea that I have or weird dream my parents and family always support me 100% . Some things I feel like you should just do! Whatever happens, happens! You cant fail unless you try.

Notorious Styles attended Fashion Forward and fell in love with the designs displayed at the showcase. Who were some of your favorite designers and which models would you recommend? 
I loved every designer in the show! And the models where awesome. If I had to pick 1.) Abydis Clothing, all of her clothes were had made and the loved the details 2.) Billionheir Dynasty, I am a lover of any and everything vintage.
The models consisted of a few local models in the city of Richmond, some that reached out from Barbizon Modeling Agency and Model Mayhem. There where all great!

What can we look for from L.Marie in the future?? Anything in the works right now? 
At this moment I am gathering some more clients to portfolio, continuing my education in fashion. In October L Marie will travel to NewPort News, VA to speak at a women;s conference

What or who inspires you? 
  My inspirations on consist of June Ambrose, she is just fabulous, and very conservative and Oprah Winery! Yes Oprah, which is what most people say but I don't just look at your lavish life style. I study her work, how she got started, her challenges, up's and down. I purchase and read all of her materials.

If anyone want to book you, how can they contact you?-
I can be reached my phone or email
804-385-0760 or
I am available to speak at women's (men's) group, youth and young young summits and seminars
Fashions shows, parties, personal styling, wardrobe styling, and group styling

What makes you and your brand SO NOTORIOUS? 
We are new, fresh and innovative! I have so much to teach and share with our generation! I don't want to be just another stylist or fashion guru and trend setter. I desire to teach our young people the importance of appearance, how to dress for a interview, what to wear to church, or to school or on a date! I have a love and respect for all types of fashion but everything that's out is not for everybody. Women should know their seasons, how to mix patterns and prints, event to make materials they wear.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge to the world!
Be Classy
Be Modest
Be Cool

L Marie

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