Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lets Get Nailed Tai Re'Nai

It's that chilling time of the year again where the dark, the stormy, the nude and the bold come out to play. So it's time to take your nails up to a whole different level! In the more colder months you want to wear colors that are more dramatic, moody and sensual. That means leaving behind the neon and glitter and picking up the metallic and dark. Do you dare to step into the obscure colors of fall?

Here are my top picks for the cold months ahead.

During the winter time you want to shy away from the glitter and step over to the metallic. Metallic might not be glitter but it gives you the perfect shine for the fall and winter. 

You can rock metallic nail polish in many ways. Whether you go for the bold look and apply to the whole nail. Or for the more subtle look and apply just to the base of your nail. But either way you rock it you can not go wrong! Metallic is one of the top trending colors for nails this fall/winter.

Burgundy is by far one of my favorite colors when the months get colder and the style becomes edgier. When your going for a dark yet sexy look this is the color! It also mirrors the sexy deep red lip trend that is popular for the fall/winter. 

When wearing your burgundy nail polish make sure you pair it with outfits that will make the color of your nails pop. So for the week your wearing your burgundy nail polish try wearing more black and grey pieces. Let your nail color and lip color bring out your outfit.

NOW we all know that the matte nail polish has been trending worldwide, and it should be! The matte finish brings out your wild side! It allows you to step into the bad side of nail life and gives you that edge and darkness you need for the cold winter months.

You can apply your matte finish to any color you prefer. But since its the season of witches, ghouls, goblin's, to be jolly, elf's and santa ho' ho' ho'ing you might want to stick to darker colors. So pair this with a dark pink, brown, black or dark purple and you will have a great set of fall nails.

Hope you try out some of these suggestions. Remember to stay on the dark side for the fall and winter ;) ! As always keep it natural and classy beautiful people

Mirror Metallic - $8 (you can get various colors also)

the matte selection 
nails inc -$10
sephora by OPI -$9.50

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  1. Ah, this is making me embarrassed at my currently-chipped plain pink nails ;)

    P.S. Are you ladies coming to the Virginia Blogger meet up this Saturday?? It would be so fun to see you!