Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Most Notorious Talent......By Chynesha

Good morning fashionistas, today is Happy Friday and Notorious Styles has a great treat for you!! If you are natural and you are looking or trying to find a way to be part of the #TeamNatural, a student from VCU created a club opened to anyone, men or women, attending VCU to join. How can you join?? No worries, I interviewed the lovely lady about her group and how you can be involved.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Eve Lexima; I am currently a pre-radiation sciences major
at VCU who is looking forward of getting into medical school soon. I
started my journey at VCU sometime last year, and while walking around
campus I noticed the number of young ladies and gentlemen with natural
hair and various hair styles. Being someone who has had natural hair
for many years, I really wanted to create an avenue where we could all
come together and share our ideas and feelings around being natural.
From this idea Kinkz and Curlz organization was founded in the spring
of 2012.
My goal for the club is that it will continue to be an instrument for
others who want to learn about natural hair, the transitioning
process, how to care for their natural hair, and the issues that might
arise from having a natural hair style/look. Kinkz and Curlz is an
environment for us to help build each other’s confidence and to share
in our pride of being “natural”.

CP: 1. What is the name of your organization?
       EL:  The name of the organization is Kinkz and Curlz (@VCU)
CP: 2. Who or what inspired you to create your organization?

EL: My own journey with going natural really inspired me to start this
organization as well as the idea of having someone to share that
journey with. I wanted to connect with others, because I quickly
realized that almost all of us have had the same concerns about our

CP: 3. How long have you been natural? What made you want to go natural?

EL: I’ve been natural for about 7-8 years; I decided to go natural after
having a bad experience with a perm and lack of proper care
afterwards. Once you start relaxing your hair you have to maintain it.
Unfortunately for me, I just couldn’t keep up with my hairs demand and
as a result it started breaking off.

CP: 4. How can a young woman join your group? Do you have to be a VCU student?

EL: In order to join the organization you have to be a part of VCU’s
community i.e student, faculty or staff. If you are a part of one of
these entities and would like to join, you may contact us at

CP: 5. Do you have to be in a certain age group to join? Can guys join, or is it only for women?

EL: No, there’s no age group and the organization is open to both men and
women. We would love to have more guys to join and hopefully they
aren’t or won’t be intimidated to do so lol.

CP: 6. What makes YOU and your STYLE so NOTORIOUS?

    EL: I think my style is NOTORIOUS because it is my own. I was so obsessed
with trying to mold myself into someone else, especially when it came
to my hair that I got lost in the process. I became disappointed with
my hair. At the end, what I realized was that everyone has a different
style, or different textured hair. What I needed to focus on was more
of loving my own hair and appreciating my own uniqueness.

CP: 7. If there was one thing you would change in your life, what would that be?
     EL: That’s a tough one; I think I would have wanted to learn to have more
confidence in myself earlier in life. I think it’s important for every
little girl to love themselves and accept themselves for who they are

CP: 8. Explain in your own words what you think being Notorious means?

      EL: For me I think it means someone who is consistent, someone that people
recognize as not easily deterred from achieving their goals.

Be on the look out for the next meeting. You surely do not want to miss out.


As always Stay Classy

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