Thursday, October 18, 2012

Does size matter???....Chynesha

I was at work the other day talking to an employee and she needed help finding winter clothes. She kept saying that when looking for her size, 12+, she feels all the clothes are either making her look too young or too old. Before I even got the chance to say anything, she was rambling on about everything lol. Once I got the chance to tell her where to go and what to wear she seemed open minded to try different things. I believe ALL  plus size women should always embrace their curves and be happy with themselves inside and out. If you are not happy when you look at yourself in the mirror, then change it. But it starts by loving the way you look now, before you start your transformation. So to all my beautiful full figure women, I did some research and found some really fashionable example outfits.

*In order to stand out from the crowd you should always go out your comfort zone. If you don't like your legs start off small with crop pants to dresses to skirts. Soon you will feel more confident about your image.

A blazer goes so well with EVERYTHING!! You can dress it up or dress it down, add a colorful scarf that doesn't match what you have on. Remember a blazer can go with pants, skirts, dresses, leggings and as long as you accessorize it with anything that you want then you are ready to roam your city.


*I love this green and black polka dot dress because you can do so much with this look. You can have tights with them and they don't have to be black either and her hair just set the outfit to a whole different level.

*Now I know you're probably thinking it is too cold to be wearing a skirt in the wintertime, but you can put on tights, leg warmers, and high ankle socks (depending on the skirt). Just try it and see how you like it, I'm pretty sure you will. 

*Ladies if you are struggling trying to figure out how to cover your stomach or love handles: BLACK is the answer, wearing black truly slims you down. Now don't wear black everyday to look slimmer but if you are going to wear black at least put a darker color to go with your outfit.

*Who said you can't be sexy as a full figured women??


*A Sweater can either help you or drown you. If you are going to wear a sweater please DO NOT get a sweater that is too big for you. Purchasing a sweater that is too big for you will cause extra attention to your body and make you look bigger than you are. This can also goes for a sweater that is too small and trying to make it work with a under shirt to make it fit. That's a no-no for you, get a sweater that fits you just right. The ones that can be worn as a dress a perfect sweaters because it shows off you curves perfectly.

So to answer your question "Does size matter?" NO!!!! You are as beautiful as someone who is a size 2. I hope this helps some of you and if you have any feed back please hit us up on facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and here. We love to hear from you. And remember to LOVE yourself the way you are.

As Always Stay Classy

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