Monday, October 22, 2012

Carpe Diem by Kelli Neche

Being yourself and having an aura about you that people can identify can be extremely important, especially when in the limelight or even working a 9-5. Personal image and reputation can be detrimental in any aspect of life. 
There are so many celebrities and everyday people that have a hard time finding out who they are and fight personal battles with self-worth and self-confidence that leads to these sudden changes in wardrobe, hair and appearance. When people go through things, whether it be trial or triumph, so does the way they look and how they present themselves.
Let's use Rihanna as an example.
I've been a fan of her's since Music of the Sun. I think it's safe to say that her image has changed drastically over the years. She's gone from being the sweet girl next door to the big bad BOOM down the block.
Her transition started slightly in Good Girl Gone Bad
Then the Chris Brown Incident happened and she released Rated R and she had us believing that she licked the gun when she was done because she was gangster for life.

Then she began trying to find herself so there was this...and that...

I feel that now, at this stage in her life, Rihanna has literally grown up before our eyes and is staying more true to her tomboy-chic style that we fell in love with in the beginning.
When a person becomes happy, their image reflects such.

Another celeb that I'll use as an example but won't go as in depth with is my fave fashionista EVER, Soloange.

She went from slowly emerging from her sister Beyonce's shadow:

To blooming into her own singer-songwriter-actress flower:

A lot of people are saying her going natural had something to do with her style change but I like to think she had it in her all along.

I've used these two lovely ladies as exhibits A and B to show that finding yourself and claiming a style identity comes with growth, maturity and finding out who you are.
Do you prefer to dress how you feel?
Are you a Glam Doll?
Do you embody tomboy chic?
Are you a Hipster?
Figure out how you want to come across to others. What do you want your attire to say about you?
Take a peek into your closet, listen to your it screaming anything at you?
Are you guys on the same page?
Last example and I'm done.

Have you all seen Poetic Justice
If not, your life is in shambles. Borrow it, YouTube it, Netflix it.
It's awesome.
But not to tell you the movie or anything...side the beginning when Justice's (Janet Jackson's) boyfriend got killed she wore a lot of blacks and blues like she was still in mourning.

As the movie progressed and she fell in love with Lucky (Tupac) the final scene is of her in all white and hopefully with her roots touched up...

Let today be your turning point if you're having trouble grasping the real you or who you think you might be.
Do not let the woes of life and it's curve balls throw you into a fashion dugout or let your self-esteem determine your wardrobe.
All those clothes you bought while in your feelings, trash them, have a closet full of black and blue, save two suits just in case but box up the rest. Part of finding who you are is about just that, branching out.
You're allowed at least ONE identity crisis.

For a long time, I didn't know who I was or what type of person I wanted to be. I just knew I had a lot of ideas about writing and fashion that I just couldn't seem to piece together. I'd write poetry and my closet went through a Dead Poet's Society phase. I went through a lot at a young age and it took a toll on my clothing. Trust me, my attire was awful. It took me a while to grab the bull by the horns and take charge of my personal style.
So Carpe Diem and Stay Classy.

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