Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday's Style Files with Guest Blogger George Láthan

Take 2.

Is everyone in place? Good. With this being the 2nd entry of George Láthan's extended #StyleFiles here on Notorious Styles, I think this would be the perfect time to talk on the subject of [Details]. In any and every outfit worn by a man, even the smallest, most minute details make a difference. This Fall, it will not only be about keeping it classically simple, but defining your style through the "details".

When done correctly, accentuating your outfit with the perfect details can cause you to outdo so many other guys out there without even trying too hard. For instance, bold socks!! Make a risky move and let loose with a vibrant color that commands attention at the slightest raise of your pant leg. Within a moment's notice, you'll be noticed for the smallest of details that, in all actuality, can make the biggest difference. Now, don't mistake over accessorizing for catering to that "detailed" demand.. believe me, less is more! From the different style herringbone suit selects to the perfect bowtie to be worn at a formal affair, details can make or break your outfit.

These posts aren't for every guy out there. These #StyleFiles are for the quintessential stylish guy who walks with confidence, thinks with intelligence, and lives on purpose! Now look, some guys out there were made.. but me, myself.. I like to think that I was created, for a special purpose! I'm not only here to help those in need of fashion advice, but to also enhance those in need. Remember, details are there for a reason. If you have an outfit that needs a facelift without breaking bank and/or without looking like you're trying to hard, pay attention to those details and make alterations. Watch and be pleased.

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