Thursday, September 27, 2012

Style Files with Guest Blogger George Láthan!

Hello all,
...and thanks for tuning into another issue of George Láthan's extended #StyleFiles here on Notorious Styles. It's official!! The season is now Fall and there's no turning back. Along with the cold climate change that we've all been waiting for comes one of the most important pieces of menswear and it so happens to be today's topic; Peacoats!

Pea•coat : noun \'pë-,köt\

: a heavy woolen double-breasted jacket originally worn by sailors

Now that you have the definition according to Merriam Webster, you'll have a better understanding of what I'm referring to guys. [and no, you don't have to be a sailor] .


The pea coat is a timeless that needs to be embraced during this chilly time of year. They come in all shapes in sizes; take for instance [top left] the herringbone wide-lapelled Marc Jacob coat that sits so effortlessly on the man that dares to sport it. It gives a warm look and feel without the stress of sweating through your underclothing. Pay attention to the weather apps and forecasts to accurately plan your pea coat climax. If the time is right and the weather's in your favor, dazzle your audience.


The great thing about a pea coat is that they can have an expensive look at not much expense to you.
Of course if you're feeling convicted and you wanna whip out the Balmain for this Fall then by all means
please don't let me stop you.. I'll even join you. But for those of us that are not financially able to make
such moves at the moment.. we'll settle for a classic Banana Republic piece and will be satisfied .

George Láthan.

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