Friday, September 14, 2012

"Get Dizzy with CrazyBoyDizzy"....By Chynesha

Today's Friday's Notorious Talent is a very good friend of mines that I've been knowing since middle school. He is a local rapper from New Jersey but attends to Fort Valley University in Georgia. I am more than happy to introduce the one and only Elijah "CrazyBoyDizzy" Watts.
CP:1. For those who live RVA that do not know you, 
please explain what do you do?

EW: I do a little bit of everything; dance, sing songs,
write music but I’m only good at making music lol


CP: 2. What or who inspire to become a rapper?

EW: My brothers inspired me, as I grew up its
everything that we ever wanted as a whole,
now they can’t do it...I’ll keep the dream alive


CP: 3. What projects are you currently working on?

EW: I've got another mixtape coming to you soon, livemixtapes,
datpiff all that good stuff, real soon with some major people,
website comin soon .. CrazyBoyDizzy.Com !
Performances here and there, I just was featured
in SoBeIt Magazine as well, all is well.


CP: 4. What advice would you give an inspiring rapper?

EW: The Best advice i ever heard was "Never give up,
every setback is only a test to see how bad you want it"
Because dreams are only that without action


CP: 5. What makes you and your style so NOTORIOUS?

EW: My style is unheard, I’m as versatile as it gets.
I can be as crunk as Waka Flocka as vivid as Wale
and my energy is always there, music playing or not.
This isn’t a game, this is my life.


CP: 6. If you can redo one thing that you may have regretted
 in life what would that be?
EW: Change one thing in my life? I love who I am today so every
mistake has built me but I would love to go back
and stop my brothers from making some of the mistakes
they made so they wouldn’t be locked up just to keep it real
CP: 7. How can people reach you.
EW: I'm everywhere, Easiest is on twitter: @CrazyBoyDizzy , Shoot a beat or feature,
I'm not commercial, i work with everybody working.
 Instagram : CrazyBoyDizzy ..
Youtube is the same. Facebook is the same.
I'm CrazyBoyDizzy look me up!
Show some love and purchase a "Get Dizzy" shirt
Here's one of his video's that he did recently.
As always Stay Classy
Good times with my long lost friend lol. Stay strong, 
never give up and
see you at the TOP. Love you

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