Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashionable Thursdays with Guest Blogger George Láthan

Good day, and welcome aboard.
Picture this, the first ever George Láthan fashion menswear entry on Notorious Styles...
(keep reading 'til you know it's real..)
Now that I've gotten your attention, let's get right to it. Next season; FALL!! Ready or not it's on its way. Guys, we need to be ready, and fashionably so.

This season is about fine tuning. Structure with layers! Take for instance the thrifted sweater. This would be the time to get creative. Find yourself a nice vintage piece of "Cosby" and strap on.. Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger would be quite appropriate for this occasion. Allow yourself a neutral button-up shirt layered underneath, along with the right band of accessories, take for instance a signature watch. Beware of the G-shock fellas, we're not amateurs. Shoot for a simple IZOD or TAG Heuer, both available at Nordstrom. Finally, dress it up with a clean blazer of your choice over top. It would be a bit much to break out the blazer in 90-degree weather, but do you!

For my laid-back crew, we can still keep the clean aspect of a classic gentlemen without doing too much. Shoot for the basic, and work your way up to your comfort zone. Start with the classic Levi's if you must, but stay clear of skinny jeans. It's about looking relaxed while still keeping it fresh. Piece together an Oxford shirt overtop a clean tee and we're in business. Without overdoing it, you'll meet your mark. We're almost finished.. now, if we're gonna be on our feet then we might as well be light on our toes. Nike Air Max's & Jordan's are great but overplayed, we've paid homage to the Ralph Lauren boots all last season, and we've outdone the Timbs. Lemme upgrade ya! Aim high for Red Wing Shoes! Fine tune your outfit with these timeless boots, along with your favorite letterman jacket and I'd say we'd be in business. Don't allow the change of the season to threaten your relevancy in today's fashion scene, be you and speak through your wardrobe..


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