Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BURRRRRRR...its cold in here....By Chynesha

Hello my fashionistas FALL is finally here. Which means time for the boots, sweaters, coats, leggings and many more to come out of the dusty old closet and b ready to be worn. Everyone is wondering what id he new fall trend and I was asking myself what is the new trend. As I was searching around the world, I came across of pretty much the same thing that was happening last winter. So I had told myself how about I just do my own trend and just share it with my viewers and let them think if its a YAY or NAY. That will happen soon, but in the mean while I can give you some tips on what is in and what is out. So fashion lovers go ahead and take everything out of your closet because it is time for a new makeover for your closet with new fall items.
You should always have a pair of leather pants. Leather pants are a HUGE trend this year especially it he winter time, leather pants keep you warm.

 Now I know you probably thinking why would I want o wear a skirt in the middle of winter? Wearing a skirt does not mean you have to nothing under your skirt. There are plenty of options. You can wear leggings, stockings, tights legg warmers, thigh high socks etc. I also encourage you please wear stockings that will stand out, do not be Mrs. Plain Jane, go bold put color into your outfit.

Cardigans go so well with almost every outfit
depending on how long your cardigan is. You can accessorize
it will with a thin belt over it, short or long necklace,
scarfs, bangles and many more. If you want your cardigan to stand out
from the rest of your outfit choose a
color that does not match your attire.
Remember color blocking goes year round.

Boots are a big trend this year many designers are coming out with all types  styles in high, low and mid combat boots. You don't have to spend a huge amount of money in order to get the latest trend boots. You can purchase boots from Target, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, H&M, Forever21 and many more affordable places. Try to cut back on your spending habits and try the thrift stores first before you head to the mall. You never know what you may find.

   Don't wait until the last minute to purchase a hat for the winter. There all kinds of hats you can purchase and most can go with anything even for a bad hair day. Also you can still wear shorts in the winter time of course put tights underneath it, but there are plenty of bold people who wear shorts with snow boots and still look cute with it. Go for you and not for someone else, i you feel comfortable to wear a skirt wit boots in 60 degree weather then shoot for it. You never know who might follow your style.

This a perfect time to purchase your coats. Many stores are have a sale on there winter collection. Most popular is coats, suits and sweaters. I know for a fact that H&M is having a special going on. I had just bought a sweater for $7 and originally it is $14. Catch up on your deals before you pay full price. Always sign up for mailing lists to receive updates on what is on sale, coupons and new releases
Now young men  I have not forgot about you, this year the designers surely stepped up to the plate for the fellas and there style.

 Fellas if this isn't your style I totally understand, but how about you change it up. If you never try it how do you expect to switch up your style. Bing different is always a good thing especially if you love the center of attention. Trust me you will if you go out our comfort zone.

 Every man needs a leather jacket to wear. You can dress it up or wear it casual. Either way get your jacket before they sell out.

If you have a special event to go to this year and you don't have suit or no idea
 how to put one together. The picture below shows a great idea on a suit. the colors
 go perfect together and his shoes just set it off because they are brown and his suit
is grey PERFECT example putting different colors together.


Most men are afraid to wear color pants because they think it is too feminine for them or they do not like bright colors. When you think of winter most females/males think of dark colors and continue to wear those colors throughout the seasons. The picture below gave a awesome example of color blocking. The pants are not too bright or too dark, they are just right. If you ever decide to purchase colorful pants think of an outfit to go with instead just purchasing it and let it sit in your closet.

I really hope this helps you all and I seriously encourage you to test your style this season. Create your own trend and send us an email of your creation and will put it on our Facebook Page.

As always Stay Classy

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