Friday, August 24, 2012

Tonight I'll Be Your KNOTTY GIRL by Kelli Neche

A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that my Natural Hair Crush was up to some serious business endevours. One of them being the reason why she's apart of this week's Most Notorious Talent!
Below, I'll be covering a new blog that firmly stands on natural hair called: Knotty Girl Times Two!

  • How did Knotty Girl Times Two come about and how did y'all meet?? We have known each other since grade school. We grew up right across the street from each other. People always say we don't look like we would be friends but were not we are sisters! The idea of doing something we loved had always been talked about so we finally got some ideas together and put a name on it after we were inspired from a natural hair event.
  • How long have each of you been Natural and do you have any tips for aspiring naturals or naturalistas who would love some help? We both went decided transition for different reasons in February 2010 and did the big chop together August 6, 2010. Darshanay's tips: Don't give up on your natural hair just because you don't know how to style or don't necessarily know all of the techniques. Do your research and get excited about your natural hair journey and you will grow to love it. Courtney's tips: It is something new and you will make mistakes, don't panic if you don't get it right the first time or have to cut it all off. It is just hair and will grow back. Going natural is more than a hair journey. You will soon become interested in wanting to take better care of yourself too. Also, be fun try new things with your hair, step out the norm and be unique. You already made the decision to go natural! && Remember a denman brush, leave in condition and shea butter will soon be your best friend.
  • What can we come to expect from Knotty Girl in the near future? You can expect big things from us *fingers crossed*. There are plenty of natural hair blogs and sites around so we strive to be different and provide a unique experience. We are working on some events and some other surprises too. Our goal is to make everyone embrace the Knotty Girl in them and bring out their Kinky Side.
  • The names of the tabs that you all came up with are so clever? What inspired them? Darshanay decided on the name and the tabs came to mind shortly after. We liked the double entendre and decided to do a little play on words to mess with your head a bit. It's funny because people think we are a pornography website when they hear the name but I mean we are....HAIR PORN ;)
  • What makes your Natural style and Knotty Girl Times Two so NOTORIOUS?? We bring the perfect mix of Knotty and nice. We aren't afraid to be ourselves and rock out with our curls out. To be Notorious is to be fierceless and gaining the strength to be just that.
These lovely ladies are definitely staying on our KNOTTY list so be sure to stay tuned to their website:

Stay Classy!

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