Friday, August 3, 2012

This Friday's Most Notorious Talent by Kelli Neche

Very few people have the pleasure of remaining friends with someone that they met in Elementary School with the history of moves my family and I have had.
"Tre" and I had been in the same class until the 5th grade and with our last names being so close together we had no choice but to become friends since alphabetical order saw fit for it to be so.
Below is the interview of Notorious Style's first musical talent that we have showcased thus far and I am very proud to say that he is my friend.
Ladies and Gents,
I introduce to some and present to others,
Tre "Avance" Withers.

My name is Avance and I am showcasing my lyrical abilities through way of hip-hop.

I was turned onto music through my cousins. Many of nights we would just have cyphers, until i realized that we were all pretty good. That inspired me to construct a studio for us to record. Since that point its just been a musical grind.

My inspiration comes from my life experiences naturally and within
Music is always easy to relate to when a true emotion is being transmitted through song. Musically I'm only inspired by the greats. Legendary entertainers along the lines of a Michael Jackson...or even a Jay-Z. Just simply the performance and how they draw the crowd into their performance.

I will unfortunately be leaving VA for California mid August. My last performance will be at a showcase on the 14th of August at the Camel on W. Broad.

My music is just simply a reflection of me. I have the mind set of domination, i set out to be the best at whatever it is I do...and I normally am. More importantly I stress quality, and lyrical content. I view a beat as an empty canvas, quoting my cousin K.O. " I make the beat and I never let the beat make me." Ive always had a way with my words, I talk in metaphor, some how, so its easier for people to understand me in song, lmao.

My LP Aviation can be found here:
There are links on the page that go to other projects that Mixbreed has constructed.

Until next time,
Stay Classy!

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