Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Return of the Curls Natural Hair Expo & Fahion Show......By Chynesha

If you missed the ROTC Hair and Fashion Show, Notorious Styles has you covered! For this to be the  second Fashion Show Notorious Styles was heavily involved in, it was a HUGE success. I, Chynesha and Kelli are part of the Fashion Team for ROTC. Chynesha was on the styling team and Kelli was the co-model coordinator. Working backstage was beyond crazy, hair was everywhere, models practicing their strut in the hallway. Besides all the running around like our heads were cut off, it was more than worth it. We are so blessed to have the founder/owner of Return of the Curls allow us to be part of her team. Now here are some pictures of our show and guests.





And the women behind this is..........KEENYA KELLY!!!
Its was a pleasure to work with Keenya, even though she didn't know too much about fashion she was fun to be aroundwith. She was beyond funny and very smart, she opened up my eyes differently on how to run a business and she set a great example of that.  We are looking forward to working with her again.

Be on the look out for Return of the Curls Trunk show in November 18, 2012. Mark your calenders!!

As always Stay Classy

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