Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Put a Hump in the Back by Guest Blogger Shatara Trent

This week Guest Blogger Shatara Trent presents.....

Put a hump in the back!!!

Sooo.. I totally stepped out of my comfort zone as a hair stylist and went randomly over the weekend to get my wig smoked .....literally. I was in DESPERATE need for a trim and the best way for my hair texture is to do so when It's straightened out. What's a better way to get your curls straight then the infamous Dominicans right?  So I asked around , Did my RESEARCH of course and came across a fairly new spot in Colonial Heights,VA called Bonita's Beauty Salon. 
First impressions??

I have high standards for customer service from being in that industry for so long but all in all I can't complain. I arrived around 9-as soon as they open and was in a shampoo bowl by 9:15

But you don't care about all that do you? She started with a wash, one thing I love is a good scrubbin' on my dome! And homegirl hooked me up with 3 washes. Then I asked for a deep conditioner which added a hefty knick on my bill and I sat for 30 minutes under the dryer! Then she rinsed and added TWO more conditioners Yay!!! Let's fast forward to the dangerous part, she tried to roller set my hair EPIC FAIL - my texture is too tight to wrap around a roller. Then she threw me under the dryer and my fro shrunk to my typical Florida Evans from Good Times length. From tiny sections to lots of tugging and 1 hour later, very little shedding and lots and lots of heat. I was finished. I headed to my chick in Chester and she gave me a fabulous cut!! I adore it! And over all I would say what I love the best are the products. I work out almost every day so it's been a task to keep it straight with out too much heat damage but I'm still trying to get my moneys worth. For a first time experience it wasn't bad, and I would recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen their tresses straight yet!! Make sure to keep it conditioned and stay away from the heat. 

If you wanna read more about my experience in detail follow me 


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