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I am more than pleased to do a segment on a new friend. She is very laid back but out going, Her name is the one and only SoliĆ©l Paden. Most of you have known Soliel for years or have been working with her. She is very well-known in the RVA and I had the privilege of working with her this year.  If there is a fashion, hair, photoshoot, anything dealing with modeling, she will most likely be in it. Here's is the interview I did with Ms. Paden.

I'm a 21 year old inquisitive model and muse in RVA who lives to create art with the most colossal instrument--my body. Networking and all things relevant to art and social change are my passions.

1. CP: What made you become a Model?

    SP:  I honestly didn't know if I was cut out to be a "model" but after a little bit of  practice I became a natural at it. Self confidence and a dab of creativity 'made' me a model. ANTM also played a huge role as well. The fast paced industry seemed ever-changing and looked way too fun so I wanted in! LOL

2.CP: What projects have you done lately?

   SP:  My last project was actually my FIRST hair & fashion show called 'Taming the Beast' at the Return of the Curls event. Before that was RVA's very own Fashion Week. You can also pick up the latest issue of 'Weddings Unveiled' and catch print work of me in a bridal spread. (=

3.CP: If you could go back and change the way you received your career, what would it be?

    SP:  I wouldn't change a thing in modeling, in my career, or in my life. Things happen exactly how they are supposed to WHEN they are supposed to. I'm thankful for everything/one I've gotten to experience in the RVA fashion scene. Good question!

4.CP: What makes you and your style so NOTORIOUS?

    SP: My 'style' is what helps me to succeed at just being myself. Style is what I choose over fashion. Although I love the evolution of the fashion industry, I just cannot keep up with all of the new trends! I am notorious because there is only one ME and you're notorious because of the exact thing. If you see an afro or a crown of glory headwrap in the streets of RVA then you know it's me, holla if you see me! (=

5.CP:Who inspired to become a model?

    SP:  My late grandmother joked about how I always seemed to find jeans that fit my small frame. She knew I would model one day and for that I will always be inspired. Even when I'm old and gray and no longer need inspiration to model, I'll always think of her. Young Chanel Iman also played a big part in my starting out. I admired that she was so young and grew so successful at what she does.

6. CP: What advice would you give a new comer in the industry?

    SP: Be smart and professional at all times. Get a feel for what kind of modeling will fit your look/body type and then go from there. Network, network, network and stay in the know in the local fashion scene to know who's who. Great luck!

Some of her Success

As Always Stay Classy!

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