Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to the Future by Kelli Neche

"Living in a Different World trying to avoid these School Daze so we're getting rescued by the same Breakfast Club that saved Ferris, just don't forget to get back in time to be Saved by the Bell."

Is it just me or is it not such a Different World anymore?
Everywhere we turn there's an ode to the 80's and the shows a lot of us grew up on. From high waist stonewashed jeans, to off the shoulder belly shirts, multi-printed tops and circular framed sunglasses.

Looking at these pictures from the cast of A Different World, some being the same cast of School Daze, you'd be lying if you say you didn't want Dwayne Wayne's sweater and glasses, or Freddie's pants or Whitley Gilbert's vintage wardrobe

The 80's are reoccurring and flash-dancing their hot pants and style in wardrobes and fashion magazines everywhere.

I used to love Jessie Spano of Saved by the Bell's choice in clothing. Unlike Lisa Turtle, her style and class was effortless. Although she was a perfectionist and over-achiever, her outfits were already at the top of her class.


This photograph screams THROW ME INTO YOUR CLOSET!
I want her jacket, Ferris' vest, and her shorts NOW!

So whether you're a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal...
You wanted to be apart of the Breakfast Club.
Who thought of detention being this cool???

Last but not least, the women of the Cosby Show
I didn't agree with all of Vanessa's hair choices but her wardrobe got better as the show progressed. Denise was always my favorite. Something about her being a free spirit and her style being so bold that drew me to her. Claire's simplistic class and radiance that reminded us of all of our mothers in some way shape or form was absolutely captivating and radiated through every thread in her clothing.

Stay Classy Dudes and Dudettes!

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