Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Random Party by Kelli Neche

This past weekend was definitely an eventful one. Not only was it my weekend to work but Happily Natural Day was also this Saturday and Sunday as well as a jewelry party that was held by Ciera Pope whom I met at Return of the Curls this past July. The name of her brand is Random, a few weeks ago Chynesha wrote about Ciera and her exquisite pieces for our Notorious Talent Friday's. You can check out more background information on her line by clicking the link above.

The Random Party was held at Hotel John Marshall in a very well decorated and spacious room at the top of the stairs across from, what seemed to be a very glamorous wedding. 
Ciera looked fabulous and so did her beautiful pieces. I was only able to grab three sets of "button studs" but I would have loved to have slid every necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings off of every table into my bag!
All of her jewelry is hand made and brings edge and sophistication together wonderfully with "ropes and chains." 
I'm looking forward to what else Random by Ciera has to offer!

Stay Classy!

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