Friday, July 20, 2012

This Friday's Most Notorious Talent! By Kelli Neche

This week for Notorious Styles' Most Notorious Talent, I have a treat for all of you earring lovers out there! While working on Return of the Curls at our rehearsal last Sunday, Chynesha and I fell in love with one of the model's earrings! She told us she made them herself and we immediantly jumped on the opportunity to interview her for this week's showcase! Check the interview, as well as some photos of this week's talent below!

My name is Chantel (Elle) Williams and I am a very proud native of Queens, New York.
My brand is Ellecit Uzuri. Ellecit is a play on the word ellicit which means to evoke or draw out and Uzuri means beauty in Swahili. I believe the purpose of jewelry is to enhance ones own natural beauty hence the name.
Ive been dabbling with arts and crafts things for a while, and honestly one day, while I had some down time at work (lol), I just got the urge to sketch out some designs. This was back in March, but I didnt actually try to create the designs until last week and I was pretty satisfied with the result.
Since this whole thing is honestly very very new, I dont have a site up yet however I will accept orders via email Im hoping to have a page soon, and I will be sure to share the info as soon as its completed.
Bigger better more intricate things I hope. I want to start looking into working with more metals and beading and mixing and matching different mediums.
What makes me and my business so notorious?? Hmm... well...I think the fact that I blend different patterns and textures, and draw my inspiration from other cultures and sources many people overlook makes my work creative and makes people take notice.

Cuffed Up

Inside Edition Vol 1

Inside Edition Vol 2

Jungle Fever


Toils and Snares


 As Always Ladies and Gentleman, Stay Classy!!!

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