Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Face of H&M's Fall/ Winter 2012 Campaign by Kelli Neche

Alright H&M shoppers, it's almost time to get wrapped and layered as warmly as possible! September 19th can't get here quick enough and who will grace ad's and the wall's of our favorite quick stop shop this upcoming season? None other than Lana Del Rey. Not only will her doe eyes and pouty lips be gazing over each clothing rack and magazine page, the sultry songstress will also be lending her smoky vocals to a rendition of Tony Bennett's jazzy Blue Velvet for a "minifilm" designed for their campaign. 
As if it wasn't enough that this Swedish beauty had a Mulberry bag named after her, she also snagged her first magazine cover on Vogue magazine in March of this year.
Below I have posted the link to one of Ms. Del Rey's most popular songs, Blue Jeans, performed on SNL.

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