Monday, July 2, 2012

The Notorious Hair of School Daze by Kelli Neche

"I wanna be a Gamma man because only a Gamma man is a real man."

"Oh pretty baby, I don't want another useless night, I don't wanna be alone tonight!"

"Talking bout good and bad hair! Whether you're dark or your fair. You can go and swear, see if I care, good and bad hair!"

 "Your hair is blue! But you ain't white! You're hair is straight because you press it at night!"

"You see I spent the other day at the local zoo, there was a big hairy beast and it looked like you and when we looked up at the sign it said JIG-A-BOO and when we looked up at the sign it said JIG-A-BOO!"

Everyone who knows me, knows that School Daze is one of my favorite movies of all time. It may have something to do with my obsession of the 80's or how Spike Lee recruited close to the entire cast of A Different World to partake in this barrier-breaking film, regardless, I could watch it all day.
The movie School Daze, directed by the Infamous Spike Lee, hit theaters in 1988, is about a not so popular guy named Darell, aka, Half Pint, that decided to pledge Gamma Phi Gamma at his HBCU. The movie radiates with young stars like Laurence Fishburne, Jasmine Guy, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Giancarlo Esposito, and of course Spike Lee. It was graced with dance numbers, laughs, catchy songs and big, beautiful hair.
One of the most Notorious dance scenes is when the girls of the sister sorority to Gamma Phi Gamma, the Gamma Rays aka The Wannabe's (wanna be white that is) and the "Jig-a-boos" go head to head in a hair salon discussing the woos of "good and bad hair." (View performance here: Often times you hear African-American women fussing or having discussions about what type of hair classifies as "good" hair and which is "bad" hair. As a natural woman, I hear it more than ever. Women who arent natural automatically assume that they have "bad" hair because their roots get thick or curl up. Honestly, I feel like if you HAVE hair that YOU's GOOD hair. Why find more reasons to discriminate against one another? We're unintentionally enslaving one another with this "good and bad hair"/"black and white school" bottomless argument.
Be happy in the naps, kinks, color and texture that you were blessed with. It's just that simple. 
In the words of Dap: WAKE UP!!!!!
God knows that I'm not trying to convert everyone from being a believer in creamy crack to a full blown naturalista...but...I do want everyone to be happy in their own skin and hair. 

Some of the hair in this film was so unforgettable. Like Julian, aka, Dean Big Brother Almighty and his parted slick down, Rachel and her girls with their lovely kinks and naps, Jane, the Gamma queen and her golden tousles that seemed to get bigger and better after every scene. The craziest part is that a lot of people are reverting back to these styles that once were and making them their own. Don't we all love how history and fashion trends repeat themselves? 
Stay Classy.

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