Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Night of Androgyny with R.A.I.N......By Chynesha

 July 5, 2012 Notorious Styles did their first Fashion Show, thanks to Steven the CEO of R.A.I.N. It was a true blessing to be part of R.A.I.N. Working backstage was bizarre, but it was also full of fun. The models were wonderful to work with, they had me laughing historically. I met some awesome designers and stylist for the show. Just watching them inspired me to get to that level, as stressed out as they were, all the designers stayed professional. I was the back cuer, which means get the models in line and tell them when to go on the runway. I don't think I would of done it without Shanon of being by my side, we had great communication   and for our first time, I think we did an awesome job. The outcome of the show was AMAZING!! The guests came with there fashionable styles and were not afraid to show it. Donations were taken at the entrance for a great cause, my lovely partner Kelli did a fantastic job welcoming our guests. If you missed this Fashion Show, Notorious Styles has you covered on pictures and also be on the look out in September for R.A.I.N's next Fashion Show. 

Here are some of the guests and their styles.



        And it wouldn't be a show without the R.A.I.N TEAM.


As always Stay Classy

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  1. You ladies are so cute!!! It sounds like the show was AWESOME! I wish I could have been there!