Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Notorious Talent.....By Chynesha

This Friday's Notorious Talent is none other than, Ciera Pope.
I had the pleasure to meet with  her and work with her since she is one of the models for  Return Of The Curls Natural Hair Expo and Fashion Show taking place this Saturday July 28, 2012.
Her stlye is very chic and classy and I love her natural hair.
Here's our interview, just so you can get to know the Notorious Ciera Pope.

CP: 1. What is the name of your line, and how did you come up with that name?
CP"Designer": My jewelry line is entitled RBC2 = Random by Ciera/Ropes, Beads, and Chains
Random by Ciera is exactly what the name implies. It encompasses a random collection of jewelry creations that just come to mind. In my designs, I typically use Ropes, Beads, Chains, and Ribbon and transform them into bold one-of-a-kind pieces. I enjoy making assertive pieces that stand out or embellish a basic top or dress.
CP: 2. What/Who inspired you to become a designer?
CP"Designer": I’ve always enjoyed jewelry making and creating one-of-a-kind pieces, but over the past year, I’ve taken it more seriously. I am more inspired to be a jewelry designer when I hear the positive feedback from people about my jewelry. In creating my designs, I’m inspired by different outfits, street fashion, bold colors, and exaggerated looks.
CP: 3. What do you expect people to get from your jewelry?
CP"Designer": I expect people will love it! Whether you want a bold and exaggerated rope necklace or a simpler chain necklace, I have something for everyone.
CP: 4. What advice would you give to amateur designers that want to start their own fashion line?
CP"Designer": Stay dedicated because you never know how things may turn out for you. Stay true to your own style because it makes you more unique. And most importantly, market your product in any way you can.
CP: 5. Are you working on any new pieces for 2013, if so when will the pieces be showcased?
CP"Designer": I work on new pieces DAILY! JI am currently working on planning a jewelry party for sometime in late August, so I will definitely keep you informed. I will have my pieces showcased in the 5th Annual RVA Fashion Week. We are planning a jewelry trunk show for local independent designers and more information can be found at
CP: 6. What makes you and your style so NOTORIOUS?
CP"Designer": My style is notorious because it’s unique. Everything I make is one-of-a-kind so there are no duplications.
Look out for her new jewelry showcase she will be having. It will be on Saturday, August 25th at the John Marshall High School from 4-7pm. Notorious Styles will be there. Will YOU?
My pieces can be found at if anyone has any special requests or inquiries they can reach me at

Her Prices

My prices points = Earrings are between $5-$10 dollars, Necklaces are between $15-$45 dollars, and Bracelets are between $10-$20 dollars




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  1. GREAT choice, I love Ciara pope and her beautiful Jewelry!