Friday, July 13, 2012

Fridays Notorious Talent "Are you Poisoned".....By Chynesha

Notorious Styles is looking for new talent to showcase every Friday. If you have a friend who writes, sews their own clothes, makes their own jewelry or is just flat out talented, please have them to email us at and we can set up an interview. 

Our second showcased talent is West African, Yandeh Sallah-Muhammand. Her clothing line is called Poison Fashion Design. She started off in her homeland, did her first show and now she's working on her second line. I did an interview with this beautiful young lady and she surprised me by how young she was and how she already had her first show and line. Yandah's style is very different she reminds me a little bit if Erykah Badu. Although she is a quiet person and little shy I believe she has alot of potential in her. Not only does she make clothes but she also makes accessories.

1.CP: What inspire you to become a Designer?

YM: I really don’t know. I started to do it over the summer as a project for something to keep me occupied instead of sitting on the couch. After I released my first collection, I got great feedback and proceeded to continue with it.

2.CP: What makes you a NOTORIOUS Designer?

YM: I get my ideas and inspiration from my Gambian and Surinamese background, from the Fulani Indigo Fabrics to the Surinamese koto fabrics, I like to use the colors and patterns that catch people’s attention.

3.CP: What are your goals to become a better designer?

YM: I never had formal training. At this point I am teaching myself from what I see either from fabric store books, online and other seamstresses. I am very hands on. I want to get a better understanding with construction and pattern making to fully excel at my craft.

4.CP: What is the name of your line and what made you choose that name?

YM: Poison Fashion Designs is the name of my line. What made me choose this name because I wanted something different, something that not everyone will want to choose except those that want to take chances with different colors, patterns and cuts.

5.CP: Do you have any advice for young men and women designers?

YM: Perfect your craft, whatever it is you are doing, know it. Inside and out, be it with fashion, cooking, whatever your craft is. Always take risks - learn the rules, then make your own.

6. CP: What should people expect from your line??

YM: I want people to look at the clothing and feel like they are taken to another place with the patterns, like when you travel to a new country. I want them to learn something new with my line, I want to bring them something different.

Here's some pictures of her clothing line be on the look out for her next project also please go like her page on facebook!/pages/Poison-Fashion-Designs/133097213397958


Don't let the pretty face fool you, she is a tough cookie!


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