Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Fashion Forward"....By Chynesha

June 30, 2012  Notorious Styles attended to a local fashion show that was created by Latavia Taylor. Latavia had plenty of vendors and designers rocking their own clothing line. Just in case you missed the Fashion Show, Notorious Styles has you covered on the pictures. The guests were on top of there Notorious Style look and shoe game. We met some wonderful people and saw what the designers were capable of. I must say I was impressed, not just the clothing, but on the tailoring, structure, and style. Notorious Styles was very pleased by the outcome of the show. 

*This bag is very plain but fashionable at the same time. I love this bag. 

*These ladies were not playing at all with the shoe game at the show.  

*One of the vendors, she made these by hand herself. 

*Another vendor with her handmade necklaces

*Also another vendor with handmade earrings.

*I really thought this necklaces was unique because the vendor made these and they necklace is made out of marble.

These are some of the guest and vendors that attended to Fashion Forward




And the lady that was behind the whole Fashion Show was Latavia Taylor. She had did an awesome job picking her vendors and designers. The designer's were very talented and they did a marvelous job showing there talent. If you have want more information or want to know who the designer are, you can always contact Latavia Taylor on facebook.

As always Stay Classy


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