Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is GOOD Hair??.....By Chynesha

I just recently watched Chris Rock's documentary on "Good Hair". When I was watching it, it made me so mad that black women were downing their natural hair. To them good hair is long, wavy, and straight. The celebrities were saying if you are white or mixed you have good hair. I personally disagreed to their comments. Even though I grew up having complements on my hair through out my life, I would also envy the dark skin girls that had kinkier hair. My curls would always get locked together like dreads if I do not put product in it. Most Afro-American women would spend at least 100 to 1000 dollars on their hair either getting a weave, perm, sew in or wig. It is just sad that our black women are going through all of that just to look better about themselves, when all along you've been having gorgeous hair since you were born. Parents now-a-days are putting perms in there young daughters hair, starting at the age of 3, which is ridiculous. That is why you have no hair because you started at a young age by breaking out your hair. Putting chemicals in your hair can clog your pores and damage your scalp to the point to where it won't grow back, because your roots are initially too damaged. If you want to go natural first thing you need to do is decide to do a BIG CHOP or stop putting perms and slowly cut your hair once a month. Now do not expect results the next day, it will take time but at the end it will be all worth it. What us Afro-Americans do not realize is that by putting weave in our hair we are damaging it also. If you don't let your hair breathe once and a while your hair won't grow. If you are wearing a wig to protect your hair, than that is great! But also you must do your wash routine, monthly trims and keep it moisturized. The more you take care of your natural hair, the more you will tend to love it. Soon you will be building up your confidence to get used to your natural hair. Stop comparing your hair to others, no matter how you do it, it will not be the same. Try different products that suit your hair and continue to dress it up. When you think of "What is Good Hair" what is your answer?? Tell Notorious Style your story about being natural and what you think of good hair.

Here are some fabulous ladies that I think have "Good Hair".

*Kelli Turner, My partner. She has extremely GORG
 hair and it's really kinky and thick.
 She took a BIG CHOP and I am happy she did it.
*My sister Brianti Murray. Her hair is extremely long and less kinky hair.
 People pay to get hair like my sister's. She can cut it all the way off
 and in 3 months it would be by her neck. Love her hair.

*My sister-in-law Keisha Greene. She does
many styles I can't keep up. Her hair is thick and wild.
She can wash and go and still look fabulous.

*Brittney Morris went from a BIG CHOP to dreads,
to taking out her dreads, to wearing it just curly. She can
have any type of hair style and still looks GORG!

Also here are some hair products that you can purchase at your local market and test on your hair. I encourage you to take the "GO NATURAL" challenge. What harm is it going to do to you, except make your hair grow and healthy. It will be a stuff challenge and hard to maintain but at the end it is all worth it. Trust me I know!.

Nioxin is really expensive but
it is worth every penny. I remember my
hair fell out and my hair dresser used this
to make my hair grow. I would use this every 2 weeks
and see results within those 2 weeks. It just dont help your
hair grow it also thickens it.
This is Carol Daughter for natural hair.
I have not use this product, but I will be
purchasing some for myself. I heard excellent
feedback from this product.


This is Shea mositure, I have not used this product yet.
I did here some good feedback. I know
the product keeps your hydrated and
supposely to keep your curls in   
Olive oil is a great product for natural hair
especially if your hair is breaking out.
I know they have a scalp treatment. It works really
great, I have used it myself.


Stay Classy.

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