Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspiring Street Style for Summer.....By Chynesha

Lately in RVA, I have been seeing different types of Street Style from all types of people. And I just LOVE IT!! Everyone has there own style and story to their looks. People don't even try hard to stand out, and I think that's what makes people NOTORIOUS. You can have the most simplest outfit and make your shoes and accessories compliment your outfit. Even when it comes to hair, people are putting it on a bun or just washing it and go. If you are not a Street Style person, I encourage you to test your style. Go out of the box and experiment your level of style instead of having your outfit speak for you have your shoes or hair set your outfit off the right way. I guaranteed you that will get more compliments not just on your hair or accessories but the whole outfit. If you have friend who is not a Street Style person but you are, then style them yourself. Have fun styling each other and your peers. It will be a great project for you and your fashionistas to do this Summer.


Also when you complete this project always give us your feedback if it was difficult or easy for you. We also would like to see your results before and after pictures. Thank you for supporting us.

Stay Classy.

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