Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trends for Spring/Summer 2012....By Chynesha

Spring is almost over but that doesn't mean the fashion is. Summer is around the corner, fewer clothes more fashion! I have these pictures for you to see what designers have for the new trend for summer 2012. As the summer approaches you do not always have to wear fewer clothes to be cute, it actually makes you look a little promiscuous. You can put a bandeau bra on with a long skirt, or a crop top with shorts. There are different types of styles you can wear for the summer.

To the left in the picture these designers were inspired from the 50's look. I extremely LOVE this look!! I believe all shapes and sizes can pull this look off, of course depending on how you style yourself. Starting from the bottom left to the right: Nina Ricci, Prozena Schouler, Mui Mui, Preen, Prada, Emilio Pucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Now you don't need these designers to get a bandeau. You can purchase them at: Wet Seal, Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe and many more clothing stores.

Some of you are probably wondering well "I am not comfortable with wearing a bandeau." That's okay, you don't have to for the summer. You can always put a cute sheer shirt with a maxi skirt or shorts with a plaid shirt. Try not to please everybody else with your style, be yourself that's what makes you stand out from the crowd.
* These pants are called "Palazzo Pants". These are really comfortable and light, so they're perfect year-round depending on the material. You can style it with a long sleeve see-through shirt, bandeau, or a tank with a blazer. Accessorize  with bangles, a beach hat, long necklaces, and you can even wear flats or trendy flip flops. Either way you can go as casual or as a night out with the girls.


*Put a little PEP in your style. Mix and match your colors. Black doesn't always have to be paired with black or white. Add some neutral, pink, red or even orange. Be bold, as you see the model wearing the pink skirt; it's all about the hips. If you don't have hips, either choose a shirt or skirt that can flare out and lure all of the attention to your hips.

  *Mint green is the HOT for the summer. It's a very chic and classy color that blends with every skin tone. You can definitely play dress up with this color. It goes so well with a neutral color, such as pink or blue, and pretty much any color. Take advantage with this color now, I have yet to see anyone really wearing this color, but I know I will. Always be ahead of the trend or be the trend. Be BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.

Stay Classy. 

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