Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Statement Trousers...By Chynesha

It's Springtime! Summer is coming up but that doesn't mean put your pants away in the back of your closet. Add some FUNK to your trousers, now I know you're probably saying "It is too hot to wear pants." Yes, wearing pants can be uncomfortable with the heat, but try wearing light weight silk pants. If you wear 100% cotton of course you are going to be hot. Shop where you know they have different material like silk and polyester. I was browsing on the Internet and I stopped at Vogue Magazine and just recently there was a Fashion Show and it focused on trousers. Here is the link to view the trousers.

I believe that every figure can follow this trend. The trousers themselves can almost create a figure. Mix & Match different prints with your trousers. Be bold enough to go out of your comfort zone. If your friends make fun of these statement trousers, go buy you a pair, get a cute top, accessorize it and surprise them. Many designers are putting their own innovative prints on their trousers, drawing the attention of consumers to ensure that they'll be interested in purchasing them. The trousers are definitely affordable, you do not have to go out of your way to get designer pants. You can purchase them at different  boutiques, thrift stores, and  malls. If you're not completely convinced you can always play dress up at home before going out.

YES!!!! Harmen pants for men. These are fashionable
 for men too. As long they style them with a blazer or a v-neck shirt
they should be ok. Now don't get a pair of pants that
 are way too big, you will look like you're drowning in them.
If you are the girl that just gets up and goes,
then these pants are perfect for you.
As simple as these red polka dot
trousers are, the model adds some spice to her
 look and makes it edgy.
These trousers retail for $600.00, but you can get
similar pants at your local mall in your city for $12 to $40.

If you believe Statement Trousers are trendy please comment and tell us about it. If you believe it needs to get out of the fashion show please explain why. Also send us a picture of yourself with your statement trousers.

Stay Classy


  1. I love printed trousers right now!!! Such a fun trend!!

  2. It really is LOVE THEM!!!!! Need more too.