Monday, May 7, 2012

The Shops at Target by Kelli Neche

Many anticipated the launching of the Shops at Target just as they waited for doors to be unlocked to experience Jason Wu and Mizzoni!
As they were prepared overnight, the sight of prints, signing and expanding eyes lined the stores as they opened at 8am across the world. 
Target partnered with The Webster of Miami, Privet House of Connecticut, Cos Bar of Aspen, Polka Dog Bakery of Boston, and the Candy Store of San Francisco. All specializing in unique traits and trades that colored different departments of the store!
I work at the Target on Staples Mill and needless to say, I got to work about 7 and the first thing I did was raid The Webster racks! The clothing has bold prints with true Miami style and flamingo spotted tops that are almost to die for!
Want to see what else the Shops have to offer? Visit your local Target store or today as these shops are for a limited time only!
Stay Classy!

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