Monday, May 7, 2012

Return of The Curls by Kelli Neche

This year on July 28, at the Richmond Convention Center, Richmond will experience the biggest hair expo and fashion show they've ever seen! 
Keenya Kelly has been lead by God to put together this wonderful show that will showcase natural hair at it's best along with vendors from here and there and workshops that were designed with your curl type in mind!
Return of the Curls will be taking place from 10-7 with a whirlwind of fun, fellowship and information throughout the entire day! Early Bird tickets are available now at for $20! Get them while you can!!!! 
I know what you're thinking, this is just for those African-American women with the really great twist out or sister locks, but you're WRONG! This show, with sponsors like,, Carol's Daughter and Curls, is reaching out to every woman of all shapes, sixes and curl patterns! Yes, you with the beach waves, YES, you with the fro-hawk, YES, you with the natural spirals and even you with no hair at all! Return of the Curls is aiming to help all curl types and cater to every nationality with natural curls!! How amazing is that?!

If you are a Makeup Artist, Fashion or Hair Stylist or are just looking to volunteer in any way you can, email Ms. Keenya Kelly at!!!
Like the Facebook page: and stay updated either through us, Notorious Styles or through the website!!!!!
You don't want to miss experiencing Return of the Curls this year!
ALSO, if you want Return of the Curls to come to YOUR city, shoot Keenya Kelly an email!
Stay Classy!!!!

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