Sunday, May 27, 2012

Notorious Hair! by Kelli Neche

Over the years, hair has definitely evolved into some of the biggest, boldest and most teased fashion statements! 
Whether it be an afro, big spikes or shiny jewels, hair has a lot to say, some more than others!
Here are a few of my favorite NOTORIOUSLY hair or eyebrow raising women!

THE Angela Davis, of COURSE. 

Ms. Chaka Khan!!!!!!!!!

The Stunning Pam Grier!
(image source:


The Lovely Cher!
(image source:

Down Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu
(image source:

The Late Farrah Fawsett
(image source:

Miss Jilly from Philly
(image source:

Nas' ex-wife Kelis
(image source:
My Favorite Blonde: Marilyn Monroe.
(image source:

As much as her lyrics make me cringe, Nicki Minaj is NOTORIOUS for her wild and crazy hair styles.
(image source:

Last but not least, the NOTORIOUS, late and great Whitney Houston
(image source:

These women have broken hair barriers left and right! Making it hard for the average housewife to keep up. Although, they do stand for the inspiration of many, there isn't anyone in the world like any one of them! Thus making them NOTORIOUS!!

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