Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fashion Star Take EIGHT by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star, the pressure is on! As the competition is getting down to the nitty-gritty, the designers are feeling the sweat roll more than ever. This week, the show begins with John Varvatos' spring collection. I loved some of his men's wear but for him to possess the background he does...I wasn't blown away.
This week the buyers have asked the designers to create an advertised brand around one of their looks, their guest for this week, the editor-in-cheif of Glamour magazine, Cynthia Levie, who hosted the photo shoot that the designers used to capture one shot describing their brand.

Kara Laricks decides to make her interpretation of a tuxedo shirt, which, indeed does scream the line she's been doing her best to take on. The versatility of her tuxedo shirt, whether it be a sexy chic or tomboy charmer that you're going for, it works. John Varvatos felt like Kara's ad was amazing and he would immediately  want to know who the designer was. H&M and Saks fought to the death for Kara's tuxedo shirts. The bidding went from 50K to 80K where Saks won and will have the shirt available online directly after the show and in stores across the world tomorrow morning (5-2-12)!

Nzirmio Oputa wanted to showcase his Detroit root's by designing a cardigan sweater. Nicole Richie, one of the mentors, felt this may not be a great idea with the pieces he has already showcased on the runway. Nicole felt like he produced a great representation of himself and that it knocked Jessica Simpson's panties off. Macy's bid on the cardigan for 100K. It will be available online after the show and in Macy's stores worldwide tomorrow morning! (5-2-12)

Nikki Poulos is doing a 70's inspired maxi dress this week and Jessica feels like she needs to step it up but is going in the right direction. Nikki had trouble with her dress coming together due to her not knowing how to sew. She felt as though her photo shoot didn't go as planned and wanted solely a head shot to display her brand. Nicole feels like the fact that Nikki only used a head shot was a joke and the worst thing that she could have done. Jessica feels that the dress is salable but also disagreed with her only using an unknown model's head shot in her brand shot. She received no offers tonight and is up for elimination.

Luciana Scarabello wants to do a printed dress and John is curious as to the message she wants to get across. She explains that she's designing for a young woman who is not afraid to take risks. Her dress ended up being really pretty and classy. John loved her dress and felt it was apart of the chicer dress she's been looking for. Saks bought her dress for 50K and it will be for sale online tonight directly after the show and in stores tomorrow morning (5-2-12)!

Orly Shani is attempting to do a motorcycle vest dress. She feels that her trying to make everything convertible in the beginning wasn't enough to get her noticed. In her photo shoot, she wanted her model to be as an It Girl allowing the paparazzi to photograph her. John felt her ad was great but the only dress he approved of was the printed vest. No offers for Orly, she is up for elimination.

Ronnie Escalante desires to follow his dream and show his family that he wasn't just a child drawing on paper. His open back dress looked amazing in the photo shoot and just as great on the runway. Nicole felt his ad was great. It volumized color blocking without broadcasting it. John felt as though he had seen this same dress from him before. H&M bought Ronnie's dress for 50K. It will available for purchase tonight online and in stores tomorrow morning (5-2-12)!

Ross Bennett designed a vintage hunting jacket. Surprisingly, I loved it and it didn't look to be as hot as the rest of his collection. Ross said he used Jessica and his southern Texas roots for inspiration. Jessica applauds what ever woman that would be able to hunt in this jacket. No offers for Ross tonight so he is up for elimination.

The mentors saved: The mentors are locked and are going to turn the decision over to the buyers.

The buyers sent home: Ross. Am I surprised...Nope. Not at all. Ross is a great designer he just doesn't...GET IT!
Stay Classy!

Fashion Star: Tuesdays on NBC at 10pm.

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