Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fashion Star Season Finale by Kelli Neche

We have reached the end of the first season of Fashion Star.
With finalists: Kara Laricks, Ronnie Escalante and Nzirmio Oputa, tonight's show was sure to be a fashion lover's dream!
The full collection of one lucky designer will be available in H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue worth six million dollars. 
The show opened up with Jessica Simpson's spring collection 2012 and God KNOWS that there were several items that I would love to have my hands on NOW! However, they are all available on JessicaSimpson.com.
The designers started the show off creating three looks for fashion forward H&M.
This is the final hour and I believe the designers are ready to bring it.
Kara's H&M collection was filled with tans and bright spring oranges, they looked great together.
Nzirmio always does well with men's clothing but it was ingenious to do mensware as well as have the same design made for a woman.
Ronnie tried to stray from the evening wear but it was a tad hit or miss for the mentors. Jessica Simpson liked the jumpsuit but not his strongest designs or color choices.
H&M loved how Kara took heed to her previous suggestions about embracing more spring colors. She felt that Nzirmio's women's design blew his socks off. She liked Ronnie's clothing but not his color choices.

We all have seen how hard Saks is to please so I'm anxious to see what the designers will come up with to impress him. Kara is definitely his favorite and Nzimiro his least. Terry, the Saks buyer feels that Nzimiro has too many bells and whistles and it needs to be more subtle to suit the Saks customer. Ronnie was having a lot of trouble pleasing Saks but due to his credentials, Saks was awaiting his designs. Kara kept this collection in the nude and orange family and dazzled once again. Nzimiro's from the Beach to the Boardwalk collection lived up to it's name by far. Ronnie's pant suit was uber-amazing and it showed his versatility. Jessica loved his collection and felt like she would fight Nicole Richie for him. Nicole loved Ronnie's pant suit and is glad that he showed America who he was.
Saks Fifth Avenue loved Kara's pieces of course, who knew. Terry also felt that Nzimiro stepped it up and that he loved his collection. Ronnie was well liked but Terry didn't like a couple of his fabric choices.

Last is Macy's, Caprice, the Macy's buyer is interested for diverse looks for every walk of life and that they are approachable. She is hoping that Ronnie can show her a BEFORE five look, that Nzimiro could tone it down slightly and is worried that Kara isn't commercial enough. Kara brought her commercial look to the runway with a chic little black dress and fun fabrics. Nzimiro simplified his collection for Macy's. Ronnie's designs were still slightly dressed up but relaxed enough to be worn at any time throughout the day. Jessica felt like Kara never disappoints and that the American woman will have to eventually step out of the box and into her collection. John Varvatos is glad to have Nzimiro on the show, they loved his Macy's collection. John felt like Ronnie came out of no where over the past few weeks and that his pieces translated that. Macy's loved Kara's suit with the blouse and the fact that her pieces can all stand alone to appease to the customers. She loved Nzimiro's collection and believed that he nailed it, that every single look he presented was right on board. The fact that Ronnie stayed true to himself touched her. She liked his suit and the silhouette of his printed dress; she liked his pieces as stand alone pieces but not sure about them as a collection.

After much deliberation and debate, inspirational remarks from the mentors, Season One's Fashion Star winner is.....................

Kara Laricks.

We were all concerned about Kara in the beginning but she showed us up and brought more and more to the table every week. She honestly deserves it.

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